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A Dose of Taylor Swift Therapy for Every Occasion!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Notre Dame chapter.

Taylor Swift is probably one of the most wonderful human beings on the face of this earth. Not only is she celebrity BFF #1, a miniature Martha Stewart, the sweetest cat lover ever, and a fashion icon, but, personally, she’s also one of my favorite artists out there! Her songs have been and continue to be extremely relatable in the event of heartbreak, new love, and even girl bonding power! Here are some of my favorite songs during some pretty unique situations! 

All Too Well:  When you’re driving around, heartbroken, and quite possibly eating a Big Mac

Do you ever have those days when you just want to jump in your car and drive?  This usually occurs when your heart just aches and all the memories and pain from your recent love dilemmas are on constant replay in your mind. Well have no fear, All Too Well is here to save the day!  The song starts off by describing a bunch of really fond memories between Taylor and her ex (spoiler: this song is about Jake Gyllenhaal) and then abruptly snaps back to the reality of the situation: it’s over, it’s heartbreaking, and it’s taking a long time to heal. It also offers the perfect opportunity for you to ugly cry, scream, and yell its relatable lyrics without worrying what your dormmate/fellow Domers will think about you. Don’t worry girlfriend! You get all those tears out, eat some unhealthy food, and let Mama Taylor fix that broken heart of yours. 

The Best Day: When you’re bonding with your parents

Our poor parents can have pretty tough lives. They used to feed us, clean after us, lose sleep, and even now that we are gone, they continue to love us, support us, and give us their wise opinions. This song is the perfect shout out to your parents for being the best parents out there. This is the song for when you’re out shopping with Mom and she buys you a new cardigan because she thinks it would make your eyes pop. This is also the song for when you and your dad are eating burgers and milkshakes at your all time favorite diner. The Best Day thanks your parents for selflessly letting you grow, make mistakes, and do what was best for you. This song is for you, Mom and Dad, for being the rad human beings that you are. 

Mine: When you come from a broken family

Being a child of divorce sucks and it completely alters the way that you see relationships and dating. If you feel like your relationship issues (commitment, trust, fear of vulnerability, etc.) are a direct result of your childhood, then this is your anthem! This song tells you that the right person is out there to overcome and conquer those fears and predispositions that you have about love! If you allow yourself to heal and be free, then eventually you will find the person that makes you question why you ever doubted love in the first place. 

Blank Space: When you’re being silly at Target

Target is one of those magical places in which you can just go and kill time at when you’re bored. Just ask Queen Bey!

You can wander the aisles, try on clothing, and find a million things that you think you “absolutely need this very second!” “Blank Space” is an upbeat song you can play when you’re dancing in the aisles, racing carts in the parking lot, or trying on the ugliest makeup samples on one another. It’s kind of like a girl anthem for when guys suck and you just need to pull out your sister power and stand together!


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