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Do’s and Don’ts of September Style

September can be a hard month when it comes to finding a transition between summer and fall outfits, and South Bend’s infamously spotty weather definitely doesn’t help. With the temperatures switching from 50 degrees to 75 degrees (sometimes in one day!), getting dressed in the morning can be a grand struggle. Here are some tips to keep in mind when getting dressed during these strange times.

DO layer!

Layering is the best way to adapt to changing temperatures throughout the day. Vests are awesome for keeping warm in the morning and shrugging off in the afternoon. The same goes for a scarf. A light one can keep you warm worn with a sweater for a chillier day or, paired with a t-shirt, can be a cute accessory! Ankle boots are another way to keep a look feeling like fall. They can be paired with virtually any outfit and are a fall staple. 

DON’T put away your summer clothes just yet!

With the right accessories, summer pieces can flawlessy turn into early fall fashion staples. A floral skirt like this one looks perfect paired with tights and a cardigan. 

Sandals are another summer item that can transition into fall. They look great on sunnier days paired with jeans or trousers. Stick with a classic strappy pair or choose slides for an edgier vibe.

DO rock darker colors!

This is the time for your burgundies, cobalt blues, and olive greens to shine! Adding an olive jacket or plum bag is the perfect way to add some autumn to your breezier pieces while still keeping the weather in mind. These rich colors can work like neutrals and go with so much in your closet.

DON’T start wearing tights just yet!

In a few months, you will be reaching for those wooly menaces every morning. Take advantage of bare legs with skirts and dresses while you can! Come December, you will think longingly of the days you could have frolicked through South Quad tightless. They are a great layering piece, but wear them sparingly until they’re necessary.

DO rock a cropped sweater!

Cropped sweaters have much less bulk than their original counterpart, making them a great piece for this time of year. They look great with any skirt, short, or pant that has a higher waist. 

Let’s get through this uncertain weather in style, collegiettes.

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Emily Rodriguez is a sophomore English major and Business Economics minor at Notre Dame. She joined Her Campus during fall 2014 and loves to write about style, television, and movies. When not in class, she can be found singing with Halftime, contemplating going to the gym and ultimately not going, and thinking too much about Parks and Recreation.
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