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Cutie From Kansas: Meet Michael Krebs ’18

Meet sophomore Michael Krebs, Duncan Hall’s most lovable guy from Kansas City! Michael is sure to always have a good time, whether he’s serving the community, acing those accounting classes, or showing his friends what it means to be a true ‘Yals fan (#KCWantsItMore).

Michael and his Dad before a football game

First, the Basics:

Major: Business (leaning towards Accounting)

Year: 2018

Dorm: Duncan

Relationship Status: Single (I have 332 flex points so if you’re interested hit me up)

On Notre Dame…

Why did you choose to come to Notre Dame?

I’ve had a few cousins come here and graduate so I had been here for football games and visits before. I’ve always really enjoyed it and loved the campus and community! I didn’t seriously consider coming here until late senior year just because I didn’t think it was realistic, but once I heard back from ND in April I realized I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

Michael circa 2010. Classic pose. 

What’s your favorite part about Notre Dame?

I love living in Duncan and the various clubs and activities you can get involved in. And the scenery.

What sorts of things are you involved in here at ND?

I’m a commissioner in the Right to Life club; my commission is built on the idea that being pro-life isn’t just about abortion—it aims to put events to celebrate all of life (follow us on Twitter at @JoysAtND).  I’m also the Rockne commissioner on Duncan Hall Council—the Rockne’s are monthly submissions that each dorm sends to Hall President’s Council and they’re taken into account when they choose the Hall of the Year at the end of the year. I’m also a tutor at the Robinson Community Learning Center where I work one-on-one with a third grader. I really enjoy service and working it into my weekly schedule! I love connecting with people.

Michael and friends on the March For Life

On Kansas…

So I hear the Royals just won the World Series…

Yes! Obviously it was so disappointing last year when they got to the playoffs for the first time since 1985 and lost, but this year they came back strong and were the first seed in the American League. I got to go to one of the games (game 6 of the ALCS) in Kansas City when I was home for fall break—it was probably the most exciting sporting event I’ve ever attended. I have so much pride for the city and the ‘Yals and I love to rep my team around campus. Obviously seeing them win the World Series this year was very exciting—all my friends were rooting against me but everyone knows KC wants it more.

Do you hear a lot of Kansas jokes?

Not as much as you would think, but there’s always the occasional Wizard of Oz “We’re not in Kansas anymore”…or the stereotype that I live on a farm.

What do you like most about KC?

The sports teams. I’ve always been a big soccer fan (I played it all throughout high school) and I had the opportunity last summer to work for Sporting KC (the MLS team in our area) so I did marketing and communications stuff for them!

Any other cool summer jobs?

My first job after my sophomore year of high school I worked at Target as a cashier. I wore my red and khaki every day—it was a good learning experience. I’m actually still employed there (and still get my 10% discount).

Michael from Target

Quick fire round…

Coffee or Tea? Coffee I guess, but I don’t really drink it that often…I thought I would come to college and turn into this huge coffee drinker but the Keurig in my room basically never gets used.

Summer or winter? Summer

NDH or SDH? South. North stresses me out.

Basketball or football? Watching football but playing basketball. Catch me on the courts during interhall season Duncan D team. Or bookstore basketball #ballislife

Michael and the #squad during Bookstore Basketball

Thanks for the interview, Michael, and good luck with the rest of your year! 

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Images: provided by interviewee

Hey guys! My name is Hannah Beighle and I'm a sophomore originally from Seattle, WA but am loving my new home in Breen-Phillips Hall at Notre Dame. You can find me spending all of my flex points (and my friends' flex points) at Starbucks or getting sunburned outside. I love baking, playing sports, binge-watching reality TV, and spending time with friends!
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