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The Chuggle is Real

Being Domers in the land of the Fighting Irish, we’ve all heard the saying, “If you’re lucky enough to be Irish, you’re lucky enough.” I think the same applies to chuggles. If you’re lucky enough to own a chuggle, forget being Irish, you’re lucky enough!

Now what is a chuggle, you ask? By definition, a chuggle is a designer dog, a fabulous combination of three beloved breeds: the all-American beagle, the trendy Chihuahua, and the oh-so-relatable pug. Mix them together, and voila! You have the chuggle. 

How about the disposition of this chuggle creature? Well, for one, chuggles are like honey badgers—they don’t care! Put your chuggle’s beagle-esque ears in ponytail holders or adorn your chuggle in a colorful Raggedy Ann wig, and I assure you that your chuggle will love you just the same. 

For another, the chuggle, being such a hodge-podge of breeds, is in a constant state of identity crisis. Sometimes, chuggles think they are big threating watchdogs, barking furiously at potential invaders. 

Other times, they identify as cats, hunting down the prey that is a squeaky toy by ducking and pouncing. 

Still other times they are even so confused that they think they loaves of bread, and they sit their motionlessly all day in their state of identity crisis.

What’s more, chuggles have so many doppelgangers. Some days I look at my chuggle and see a striking resemblance of Lilo’s alien friend Stitch.

Other days she reminds me of a baby seal. Once a friend of mine said my dog looked like Anwar Sedat, just like the dog in the movie I Love You Man

Most of all, chuggles understand. Their name rhymes with struggle, yes, and they fully understand the struggle.

The chuggle understand the fear of being on a scary ride with a friend. Your friend happily enjoys the ride, but you are left trembling with extreme terror. But the chuggle, tough and strong, braves it out for friendship.

While the chuggle sleeps all day as a career, it still understands those times when you are desperately tired. The chuggle can fully relate to not being able to stay awake for an 8:20 class or a late-night movie and just wanting to go to bed early Friday and Saturday night. Sleep is the name of the chuggle game.

In addition, just like you and I, the chuggle loves burritos. But the chuggle doesn’t have to wait until Burrito Night or until it’s warm enough to walk to Eddy Street for Chipotle to fill this craving. That’s because the chuggle IS the burrito.

The chuggle understands the struggle of the R.B.F. too. That’s just how the chuggle’s face is. Or maybe the chuggle really is just mad at the world all the time…but that’s up for you to decide.

Maybe you thought, before you read this article, that your spirit animal was a sloth. Or perhaps you like the pug a lot, or Grumpy Cat. But the chuggle? Now that’s an all-in-one package as far as spirit animals go.

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