Campus Cutie Patrick Peek '15

He looks good in whatever hairstyle he tries. He goes to the gym to work, because he doesn't need to work out. He once got married on a beach in Australia. He is.... the most interesting man in Clover Village. Her Campus sat down with Patrick Peek this week to learn a little bit more about this fascinating Campus Cutie! 

Fast Facts About Patrick

Name: Patrick Peek

Year and Dorm: Junior; Formerly Knott, currently Clover Village

Hometown: Elkhart, IN

Major: Finance

Relationship Status: Single

Describe Yourself in 3 Words: Dreamboat, #based, dreamboat

Favorite Song from the 90s: Motorcycle Drive By by Third Eye Blind

Favorite Disney Movie and Why: Wall-E, I feel like a lot of people didn’t like it, but I love the sappy love story in it.


Digging Deeper with Patrick

Weirdest thing you've ever done: In Australia, I ate this long, fat grub. That was pretty weird.

If you were an animal, what would you be and why? What are the ladies into these days? I’d be one of those. Maybe a koala. 

If you were going to release a musical album featuring yourself, what would it be and why? It would be a solo acoustic album by me, I’ve always wanted to do that.

If you could have dinner with any person in the world, who would it be and why: Miley Cyrus, I love her.

What the Ladies Need to Know

On a given day, where can the ladies most likely find you? At the gym, usually working rather than working out. Get at me ladies. 

What do you look for in a girl? If I find a girl who is into the same music as me, I will marry her on the spot.

Why do you think you’d make someone a great boyfriend? I would love to show a girl the great time of eating pizza, watching Planet Earth, and vibing.

If you had a piece of advice for your future daughter, what would it be and why? I only plan on raising champion sons.

In the future, what would you say to someone trying to date your daughter? See above.

Boxers or briefs? Boxers, yo.

Time at Notre Dame

If you could go back to freshman year and tell yourself one thing you know now, what would it be? Drop Pre-Med, stick with Business. Or I would go back and say “Yo, you’ll try to go see Yelawolf junior year. Well when the time comes, make sure you tell Ryan Baer to buzz off.”

What is your favorite Notre Dame memory so far? Without a doubt, living abroad in Australia. 

What has been your favorite Notre Dame football game memory? My friend asked me to hold her souvenir cup at a tailgate and I sold it for 10 bucks and free beer, so that was pretty cool. She wasn’t too happy about it though.

What’s one item on your Notre Dame bucket list? I’ve never climbed Stepan or done the Hesburgh Challenge, so one of those would be cool.

Plans for the Future:

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? I really want to backpack Europe, I think there’s so much of the world to see and Europe seems like a good place to start.

Where do you see yourself in 25 years? Good question, I don’t really have anything planned out, so I’ll just see where I end up.

If you could model the rest of your life after someone (real or fictional) who would it be and why? I don’t think I would model my life after anyone, mine’s pretty cool.

Closing remarks: Thank you, #basedgod & shout out to the homie, Leonk.


Thanks, Patrick!



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Photos provided by interviewee.