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Martin Walsh, our newly elected Senior Class Council president, has big plans for next year! Mainly, to enjoy his senior year and to get into med school… But also to make sure the class of 2015 has a fun year. He shared his stories about Notre Dame, his thoughts on academics, and his love of Jennifer Aniston. 
He’s great with animals
About Martin
Year: Junior
Dorm: Keenan
Major: Science-Business
Hometown: Burr Ridge, IL (not Northbrook, IL cuz that place sucks)​
Campus Activities: Ski Team, Student Government, Compassionate Care in Medicine Club
Relationship status: Single :(
What does it mean to be a domer? Quality.  
What is your best ND memory so far?  I once met a contract private investigator at a tailgate at a home game. We talked for about an hour about life and as we were parting he said, “Let me know if you ever need anyone checked out… or taken care of.” I still have his card.  
What is the #1 item on your ND bucket list?  Getting onto the roof of the Dome.  
What are the best and worst things about ND?  Best thing: the people. Worst thing: (there isn’t one)
Best class you’ve taken you’ve had at ND: The two days I spent in an Africana Studies literature class. I don’t remember the name of the professor but she gave me the single best piece of life advice I’ve ever received.
Favorite spot on campus: On top of the Eddie St. Parking garage – just as the sun makes its au revoir, it gently caresses the campus with golden light and paints a vibrant mural on the clouds.  
What did you think you were going to do when you came in as a freshman? Well I didn’t have much hope for myself, but I was hoping to become a doctor.  
Favorite Domer – dead, alive, or fictional?  That one PI I met at the tailgate.  
If you could go back to freshman year and tell yourself one thing you know now, what would it be?  Classes come and go, but friends stay forever: take time to grab a cold one with a buddy.  
Ideal academic and professional endgame?  Becoming a doctor, setting up my own clinic in Rwanda aimed at helping underprivileged children.  
In 25 years you will be…  Hopefully married to some awesome woman who lets me do things even though I might hurt myself.  
Tell me a little known fact about yourself.  Women scare me.  
What song could you play on repeat right now? Well, right now I’ve got something from Wicked on repeat, but usually my go to is something by Hunter Hayes. Pretty dreamy human being.  
Who is your celebrity crush? Jennifer Aniston, I’d put a ring on that even if she was 90.  
What are three words that describe you? What?, oh yeah
What’s your favorite pick up line? Got any raisins? How ‘bout a date?
If you could change one thing about Notre Dame, what would it be? I honestly just want an outdoor pool that’s open all year that doesn’t have parietals.  
What’s your biggest deal breaker in a girl? Crazy.  
Our studly SCC officers
About SCC
You were recently elected president of the senior class! Congratulations!
When did you get involved in class government? I honestly can’t remember how I got started. I think my friends were doing it.  
What made you want to be a part of it?  Fear of loneliness.  
What plans do you have for the upcoming school year? FUN.
How did you and your running mates celebrate the victory? Disney World.
What are you looking forward to most for senior year? Punta Cana
Any advice for students who want to get involved in class council?  Maybe don’t. (haha jk it’s awesome everyone should join!)
Thanks, Martin!
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