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Campus Celeb: Sarah Morris ‘15

Notre Dame’s very own provocateur, Sarah Morris, has finally agreed to jump ship from the Observer and join us here at Her Campus. Kidding—if only. The Queen B of journalism here on campus has graciously agreed to go meta and do an interview with HCND. For someone who transferred to Notre Dame just this past year and just barely clears 5’1″, Sarah has made quite the name for herself. What’s her secret? Read on to find out! 

Break it Down

Name: Sarah Morris

Hometown: Monterey, California

Year: Sophomore

Major: American Studies & Political Science

Dorm: Ryan Hall

Extra-curriculars: Observer Viewpoint columnist, Ryan Hall interhall flag football, American Studies Department Student Assistant, Phone Center Caller

Fun Fact: I live on a grass-fed cattle ranch. I can solve a Rubik’s cube in under 3 minutes.



From where and when did you transfer? Villanova University, Fall 2013.

How does Nova compare to Notre Dame? Although I honestly did enjoy my time at Villanova, Notre Dame is so clearly the right place for me. Everything from the people to the classes, to the general campus atmosphere invigorates me on a daily basis and constantly reminds me how lucky I am to be here.

What was the transition from one to the other like? I got incredibly lucky with the transition, especially being placed in Ryan with an amazing group of girls who immediately became some of my best friends. The academic shift wasn’t a problem at all because I’m so interested in everything I’m studying. The worst thing so far has been the weather! Coming from CA, Pennsylvania was rough, but South Bend is on a whole different level.


The Viewpoint

What is your role at the Observer? I write a Viewpoint op-ed column once a month.

What’s your favorite piece that you’ve written thus far? My favorite piece has probably been my most recent article on Ann Coulter’s upcoming visit to campus and how conservative and liberal students alike should find this problematic.

How do you feel about being in the minority, politically-speaking, at a school in which many students and faculty feel so decidedly conservative? I was a little worried coming in to Notre Dame, because I knew that I was definitely going to be in the minority. However, so far my…unique views have been respectfully and openly received by most people, even if they don’t necessarily agree with me. I love the conversations I’ve had with people on different sides of various issues, it makes for such great discussion!

If you could interview anyone, who would it be? What would you ask them? Hm. If I could interview anyone (assuming this is limited to living folks), I would have to choose Pope Francis. I would ask him where he sees the Church in one hundred years, and what role is he going to play in achieving that vision?

Any comment on the back-and-forth between HCND writer Emma Terhaar and Observer writer Mark Gianfalla? Greatly enjoyed this exchange, though must admit I heavily favored Terhaar throughout its entirety. Glad others are not afraid of the sometimes hostile backlash that unpopular opinions (even in their most satirical manifestations) receive.



Crystal Ball

Any plans for this summer? I’m hoping to intern in the San Francisco office of either Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi or Senator Dianne Feinstein. Although the first step is submitting the applications, which I have yet to do.

How about 10 years from now? I could definitely see myself in Washington D.C. (ideally living in a hip flat in Georgetown) involved in politics in one way or another. Maybe journalism, maybe lobbying, maybe campaigning, not sure yet.

Dream career? Anything from the TV show The West Wing.


F.T.G. (For the Girls)

Relationship status? Single…at the moment.

Thoughts on the South Bend dating scene? Way cooler than one would imagine actually. Surprisingly, there’s much more than Feve out there.

One-stop shopping destination? Nordstrom, always.

Trend you’re dying to try? Pondering a small tattoo, but I feel like I’ll end up chickening out.

iTunes Recently Played list?  Band of Horses, CHVRCHES, and Bob Dylan

Spring break beach read? The Psychopath Test. My brother gave it to me for Christmas and I have yet to read it.


For more on Sarah, be sure to check out her column in the Observer every month! 


Thanks Sarah!


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