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My mother sent me this letter after our devastating loss against Northwestern asking me to publish it. A few weeks later, my family and I went to the USC game… and wore green. The Notre Dame fans that were wearing green really stood out against the cardinal and gold (really, more of a mustard) of USC’s collesium. I was in the USC student section, proudly sporting Kelly green and my parents could spot me from the other end of the stadium. The impact it had in the stadium, although it didn’t help the outcome of that game, is why I’m now following my mother’s wishes and publishing it (also, so I’m allowed home for Christmas). Without further delay:

“I am the proud mother of a junior at Notre Dame. Our daughter’s love of Notre Dame all started with football. I married a true Subway Alum. I was not a football fan and I looked at every game as an opportunity to go shopping. But eventually my husband’s love of Notre Dame sparked a fire that spread not only through our children but has transformed me into a diehard ND football fan. We attend anywhere from 4 to 8 games a year, we travel from California to as many home and away games as possible, and we never miss a ND vs. USC game.

Throughout the many years of attending games, I have to shamefully admit that Notre Dame fans do not exhibit the kind of spirit that our team deserves.

Just [a few] weeks ago, my husband and I attended the ASU game. ASU fans sat in the searing heat (half of the stadium was in direct sun the entire game, including the students, the band, and the team). All dressed in ASU gold, fans never let their enthusiasm waver. At the national championship game two years ago, Alabama fans, clad in houndstooth and red, shaking thousands of pom-poms, out cheered ND fans. Although I have never been to a home Michigan game, I fear the Big House!

Michigan in the Big House

vs. ND (Northwestern Game)

What makes these fans different? Let me point out the obvious, a color.

These stadium and fans are unified by color. Look around our 80,000 plus stadium that is always a sell out, we are a mish-mash of various shades of blue, white, gold, grey and the occasional green. With this early winter, it is even more difficult to identify Notre Dame Fans.

One problem is “The Shirt.” Now of course, I appreciate all it stands for and does, but the color changes every year. The saying and art work can change, but why does the color have to change?

I love the University’s colors. Blue and gold are beautiful together, but as I pointed out, they get lost in the stadium. May I suggest that lovely shade of green our beloved mascot wears instead? After all, we are “The Fighting Irish.” Just imagine the impact of an endless sea of green in our stadium. During the winter months, throw your shirt over your coat or sport a nice warm green beanie!

The beginning of this season was amazing, and although the last few games were disappointing, our team needs us more than ever! I believe that fans can influence the outcome of a game. The boys need to know we are behind them. We need to stand united behind our Irish. We need to cheer harder and louder!

Weather you are a football fan or not, we need to recognize the importance of Notre Dame football.  It is about more than just football and always has been.”

So, let’s be the best fans we can be! WEAR GREEN


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From the Beach to the Bend! I am a Junior Political Science major at the University of Notre Dame originally from Laguna Beach, CA (...yes, like the show). I am minoring in Constitutional Studies and Energy Studies, both of which are much more exciting than they sound I promise! In typical California style, I am obsessed with fish tacos and all things eco-chic! And I am constantly dancing or choreographing in my head!
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