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Caitlin Bobber: Study Abroad Celebrity


Name:  Caitlin Bobber

Graduation Year: 2014

Study Abroad Program: London Spring 2013

Major/Minor: Marketing, Sociology Double Major


What is your go to study spot?

I do work anywhere and everywhere, but when I’m feeling super studious I go to the South Bank and find a table at the Royal Festival Hall.

Where have you had the best “going out” experience? 

My 21st birthday: first we headed to Adventure Bar in Covent Garden, and then we went to Zoo Bar.  Zoo Bar is decent, but you MUST go to Adventure Bar if you are ever in London!

Favorite place you’ve travelled outside of your particular study abroad city?

Krakow, Poland.

What are your three essential travel accessories (e.g. clothes, items)?

Vaseline (eye-makeup remover, makeshift chapstick!), earplugs (for sleeping in hostels) and my camera.

Where are you looking forward to traveling this semester?

Next week I head to Barcelona, and I haven’t heard one bad word about the city yet! I cannot wait.

What is your favorite or most interesting class? 

Government and Politics in Britain

Do you have an internship/volunteer position?

If so, what is it? I am interning for a Member of Parliament at the House of Commons.

What’s the weirdest thing to have happened to you abroad?

I’ve been mistaken for a Canadian maybe half a dozen times because of my Wisconsin accent.               

Best food you’ve had – and from where? 

Gelato from Frigidarium in Rome.

What do you miss most about Notre Dame? 

Junior Parents Weekend.

How do you stay in touch with friends and family in the states? 

Since we have Wi-Fi access in our dorm and school, I can easily iMessage and FaceTime my friends and family.

What’s your perfect day in London?

I love Thursdays in London.  I go into work from 9-12 and then head back to the flat to nap or work out.  At night it’s common to have a flat dinner with my eleven roommates and then we all go out on the town together. 

What do you anticipate you will miss the most about study abroad when you have to return home?

I will miss having eight billion things to do right at my fingertips! 

Do you blog? Could you share the URL for your blog?

Absolutely! I’m at csmittenwithbritain.blogspot.com.

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