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Brotre Dame: Ask a ND Guy

Hello hello. I’m Liam. Nice to meet you… ladies.  Have any questions, comments, or snark directed at or about guys on campus? Need ideas for Valentine’s Day? Wonder if that guy who winked at you at Brothers actually blinked? Need tips for handling your drunk text demanding “whereee youi goo?” and seeing him in lecture on Tuesday? Don’t know if he didn’t kiss you because he’s not into you or just really respectful? Want a definitive answer as to why all men at ND inextricably own Sperrys and plastic sunglasses?

I’ve got you covered. Feel free to ask me anything, seriously. No shame, no worries, no bullshit. Just honest answers to the best of my ability. 

Ask away here

And remember: 

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Liam O'Brien

Notre Dame

Liam J. O'Brien is a ND senior who's been around the block a few times. He's seen everything, been everywhere, and knows everyone. Except for that kid in his freshman section who now reappeared in his last theo. Can't remember that kid's name.
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