Badly Drawn Animals Because Why Not

Hello! If you’re keeping up with me, you’ll be glad to know that I didn't write this one at an ungodly hour of the night. This week’s article is exactly as the title describes. I had a friend give me the names of some common, or not so common, animals and we put my drawing skills to the test. The time limit was two minutes and the goal was to try and let my creativity thrive.


First up, she told me to draw an ostrich. As you can probably tell, I tried my absolute hardest and I created something that Picasso would be jealous of. Peep the sun because my ostrich would never be Vitamin D deficient. I also gave her a nest because here at Notre Dame, we are all about building a family. I messed up a little bit on her feet but nobody needs to know. Her name is Cynthia and she is a strong, independent ostrich that don’t need no man.


Next up is my little ugly eagle man. I know, he is a teensy bit disturbing if you look at him too long. I take full responsibility for the fact that Harold is not a good representative of his majestic eagle brethren. I thought I was doing well with the wings, but then it all turned bad when I tried to add legs. I really do think it’s the legs and torso that throw me off. Harold is a special boy and I’m sure someone, somewhere appreciates him.


Juan is a pink fairy armadillo and he is flying off to a better place. I hadn't previously heard of a pink fairy armadillo so that’s why I added wings. Unfortunately, no real armadillos, to my knowledge, have any type of wings. I personally believe the clouds were a super nice touch on my part. Although, his shell didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted it to. I like to believe that Juan is happy with the way his wings turned out and all the other armadillos are super jealous


Finally, we have Susanne. Susanne prowls the watery depths to find her food. I took special care to add in her little floaty light thing because she can’t be a real Angler without it. I tried to put a lot of detail in this one. There’s the ocean floor, some stuff one would expect to be on the ocean floor, and a tiny fish in the bottom right corner to represent the other fishes in the sea. If you use an extra dose of imagination, that could even be Marlin from Finding Nemo when he and Dory encountered their own Angler fish.

All in all, through this exercise, I further confirmed that I suck at drawing. I took half a semester of painting in high school, so I think we all know where my strengths lie. If I really worked at it, I would probably be able to get a lot better, but the only thing I’m working on is figuring out when in my schedule I can take naps.


That’s it for me.


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