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Are Press-On Nails the New Wave?

I, like many others, enjoy being pampered and taking “me days,” or as Donna and Tom from Parks and Recreation would call it “treat yo’self.” Unfortunately, since coming to college the time that I have been able to spend on self-care has been significantly reduced.

Long gone were pedicure nights with my mom and in came all-nighters to finish essays. Despite the changes in my schedule, I still tried to take time out and go get my nails done. While some find it therapeutic to paint their nails, I enjoy the relaxation of having someone else do it for me. Even though I enjoy going to the nail salon, it was proving strenuous on my broke college student budget. 

The cost to get my nails done was not just the price of the services, but also the Uber to the nail salon and back to campus. If I wanted to get my nails done, I would be spending at least $70. Not to mention the added costs when one of the nails ultimately broke. I admit this does sound quite trivial, but getting my nails done is one of the few things I still look forward to, and it is a destresser for me. 

Even though I did not want to give up on my beloved hobby, I knew it was not fiscally responsible to be spending $70 biweekly with my current income or, rather, lack of income. I knew I did not have the skill set to miraculously become a nail technician in a couple of days, but luckily for me, Instagram showed me my resolution… press on nails.

I am only on my second pair of press on nails, but I am obsessed. I love having long acrylic nails but they always break. Now, if one of my press on nails falls off, all I have to do is glue it back on.

My favorite places to get my press-on nails from are two companies that I found on Instagram, The Nailest (@thenailestco) and Doobys Nails (@doobysnails). The websites for each company are very easy to navigate and they have their nails categorized by shape, level of glam and whether they are made to order or ready to ship. There is such a wide variety of styles on each website, so you never have to worry about running out of ideas.

Press-on nails are the most cost-effective method for me. While some of the nail sets can be around $60, the usual price range is from $15-$30, which is significantly cheaper than my trips to the nail salon.

There are a few other costs incurred to achieve the perfect press-on nail look, but the materials can last you for at least two months and it is no more than $10. Other than the nails, all you need are nail clippers, nail hardening polish, nail glue, and a buffing block. Do not shy away from trying press-on nails due to the DIY aspect. I have at most two creative bones in my body, and I am still able to properly apply them.

If you want to have beautiful nails but do not want the price tag that comes with it, then I strongly recommend press-on nails. It may seem daunting at first that you put them on yourself, but I am confident that the benefits outweigh the cost.

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Tajae Thompson

Notre Dame '22

My name is Tajae Thompson and I am a sophomore from Palm Beach, Florida. I am currently studying Accounting and English, and I attend the University of Notre Dame.
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