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All We Want For Christmas

Dear Santa,

This year, Her Campus has compiled a collective letter from Notre Dame, to tell you exactly what we college students want for Christmas.


T’is the week before finals and all through the halls

Every student is studying—asleep they won’t fall

Their backpacks are packed, full, and ready to go

To finish those finals before at last they’ll go home


Some we can all relate to…

·      Acceptance

·      A better GPA

·      More Flexpoints

·      Santa to pay my tuition

·      A weekend without homework

·      72 hours of uninterrupted sleep

·      An internship/research position

·      A job offer at a place where I can help others

·      Relief from ceaseless group message notifications

Some suggestions were silly…

·      A tea cup pig

·      The ability to teleport

·      A really smart robot to do my homework

·      A lifetime supply of Godiva and Ben and Jerries

·      The reason Mona Lisa doesn’t have eyebrows

·      A Red Rider BB gun and my two front teeth!

Some were satirical…

·      A hammer to shatter the glass ceiling

·      An axe to destroy the patriarchy

Some were very honest…

·      For him to finally ask me to be his girlfriend…

·      For my family to accept my sexuality…

·      For my family to be happy, healthy and back together again…  

Some were universal…

·      World Peace

·      Proof that there is a god

·      The knowledge that my life has meaning

·      Relief from the inevitability of human suffering


Most we hope to find in our stockings or under our trees come Christmas Eve…       

Most people wanted a puppy, but they don’t let those in the dorms…

1.     Money (college students are broke, remember?)

2.     Gift Cards (Starbucks, Chipotle, and Target, mostly)

3.     New Snow Boots (a.k.a. I’m not prepared for SB winter)  

4.     Food. All the food. And chocolate. Especially Chocolate.

5.     Clothes (especially of the warm and/or business variety)

6.     Hats, Scarves, Gloves, Slippers and Wool Socks

7.     Jewelry and/or a Watch (Dress well, test well, right?)

8.     An Cute Ugly Christmas sweater (oxymoron, so what?)

9.     An Around-the-World Adventure (i.e. plane tickets)

10.   A Surprise (Concert/movie tickets, skydiving, etc.)   

11.   Books (preferably the non-academic kind)

12.   New Phone (or at least a new phone case)

13.   Technological Genius (Go-Pro, Fitbit, Beats Pill)

14.   A Bike or Longboard (those don’t get put in trees)

15.   A Massage (because stress.)


We’ve all been nice this year, we promise…



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MJ Jackson

Notre Dame

Meadow Jackson is a senior at the University of Notre Dame studying Political Science, Japanese, and the Art of Procrastination. Her goals in life are to work toward world peace, run a marathon, and somehow earn a lifetime supply of coffee (not necessarily in that order). She loves learning languages, traveling, eating copious amounts of vegetarian food, and finding hole-in-the-wall cafés in all corners of the world (where she can do all of these things at once). Feel free to email her at any time at mjacks12@nd.edu (especially if you have any information on how to win a lifetime supply of coffee ).
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