8 Struggles of Female Sports Fans

We got the vote, we can own property, and we can join the military. But even in 2015 people still refuse to let women like sports. Here's a list of struggles every female sports fan feels. 

1. Constantly being asked to "prove" your knowledge.

No, I don't know who held the towels during the 1983 season! We ain't come to play school! 

2. Being chastized for objectifying the players. 

1. They're in the best shape of their lives, beloved by millions, and the best at what they do. 2. Two Words: Lingerie League

3. Girls who don't like sports ruin your cred. 

A total double standard but still pretty embarrasing...

4. Everyone assumes you like sports because of a guy's influence. 

Yes, my dad likes sports but he also likes smoothe jazz...

5. If you don't like a sport, it's automatically because you're a female. 

Can I live?

6. Women's merch is expensive. 

And it's ALWAYS too tight, no matter what size you get. 

7.  People try to talk to you during the game. 

Yeah, we can talk about your last birthday, there's not a game on or anything...

8. Someone's always offering to explain the rules to you. 

Why yes, I do know what a pick 6 is...

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