8 "Geeky" Trends That Are Actually Really Acceptable

We all have at least one item of clothing deemed “totally unacceptable” by fashion magazines, friends, and judgy strangers. Surprisingly, the idea of wearing clothing previously fitting for a preteen in the ‘90s or a dad on vacation has become almost a contest. Kids are so comfortable with their own awesomeness that it almost becomes a game to see who can wear the most “uncool” thing around. Here’s a list of fads that would have made you cringe three years ago, but are amazingly transformed into a respectable trend.

Fanny Packs

These are probably the most convenient bags ever invented. Fully functional and ready to play on game days, they were bound to come back. 

Bucket Hats

While typically still considered a "fratty" style, Rihanna has taken bucket hats to a new level. The variety of colors and patterns take this fisherman equipment to an everyday occurrence. 


Arguably one of the most popular shoes on campus, these shoes also highly practical. Although originally meant for extreme mountain sports, they're also perfect for just romping around South Quad. 


As a sailor, I fully appreciate the need for croakies. They are a good tool if you're trying to avoid losing your sunglasses, and they look adorable. I don't know why they ever became "dad-wear."

Christmas Sweaters

These have become so popular that there is an entire party theme dedicated to them, at any time of year. Christmas can never come early enough.

Puffy Coats

Yet another practical choice in Notre Dame weather, these never truly went out of style in the colder areas of the country. Function before fashion, but luckily now we can be toasty warm and still feel half way decent.


A step up from the stretchy rainbow plastic chokers from Claire's, places like Urban Outfitters have begun to sell a variety of "adult" chokers that are real jewelry.


My personal favorite, the scrunchie has worked its way up from being completely embarrasing on Sex and the City to downright commonplace. They're fun and look awesome, and that's the only pitch they need. 

So, be not afraid to wear whatever the heck you want. You never know if one day, it'll go from completely geeky to completely relevant. 


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