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7 Things You Should Look Forward To During Finals Week

The internet is rampant with Ryan Gosling, 300, and “may the curve be ever in your favor” memes that attempt to warn us, and yet every year finals week sneaks up on all of us and steals our livelihood.

Amidst the studying, essays, and emotional turmoil, it’s hard to remember that this is your last week at Notre Dame for four long months (or ever, for our graduating class). It’s easy to get caught up in the stress that this week brings, but it’s important to appreciate that there are still cheesy collegiate memories to be made, even if you feel like you are incapable of memorizing another thing.

1. The ridiculous ways you will choose to procrastinate with your roommates

We know it’s a horrible idea, but our brains literally shut down half way through the week, so impromptu late night runs to LaFun for B&Js or random Taylor Swift karaoke feels perfectly acceptable to us.

Last year, I binge watched Hemlock Grove (literally the only Netflix original series that isn’t amazing) with my so-called friends for no other reason than because it was completely baffling. You could watch the entire series, analyze it for hours, and still not understand what you just watched. Perfect procrastination material (see above gif of this character from HG that for some reason is serverely unhappy with his ice cream cone).

2. Savoring that last night you can go out

You’ve been to Feve every Thursday since spring break and you’ve kind of started to wonder why you continue to go, especially considering the fact that your bank account has been drained and every pair of cute shoes you own has been ruined. But for some reason on that last week it’s possible to go, it all comes back to you.

3. All of the stress food you’re gonna eat

Calories do not count during finals week, ladies.

4. Your inevitable emotional break down on social media

Ok, this sounds like it’s not something to look forward to, but it really is. Because, yes, you have broken down due to the stress and way too much caffine but that just means your snap chat story is going to be hilarious and your tweets are going to be so #relatable. Take advantage of this time.

5. Witnessing others emotional breakdown in real life

There’s always a few. The guy in the batman costume, the groups that bring blankets and pillows so they can camp out in the booths in the fishbowl, or the girl crying hysterically in public and doesn’t even have the energy to care who sees. It’s so sad, but also entertaining.

6. Doing something foolish with your friends once all of your exams are over

It doesn’t matter what it is but reward yourself once all the hard work is done. Run through Stonehenge, swim in the reflection pool or just take a long walk around the lakes while singing the fight song way too loud. You deserve to let loose.

7.  Last looks at the Dome

It’s bittersweet, but nothing makes you appreciate this school more than when you’re leaving it. Taking a pause to remember how special ND is before you leave is a great way to bring this year to an end.


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