6 Times It's Annoying Being Single By Choice In College

There are a lot of single people at Notre Dame. Blame the same-sex dorms, awkward gender relations or the inherent hook-up culture in college, but there is no denying that only a small minority of students are caught holding hands on their way to class while the rest of us are left desperate to find love at crowded dorm parties or on the Irish Bachelor.

Or at least that’s what people like to think.

In the two formative years I have spent in college, I have come to notice a disparity in the way unattached collegiates of different genders are viewed. For the average cis heterosexual male being single is a choice, a way to sow your wild oats before finally settling down. But for those of us who identify as single females, we tend to prompt a slightly different response when we let it be known that someone has yet to put a ring on it. Especially when we try to explain that it’s because we like being alone.

1. The words “I’m single” may garner a reaction such as this:

I have gone as far to take my relationship status off of Facebook. Pitying needs to be done face to face.

2. You constantly hear things like “You just haven’t met the right person yet”

If by that you mean that I haven’t met Jake Gyllenhaal yet, then yes, you are correct.

3. You have gone stag to more than one formal

Or you have one really good guy friend that you’ve asked to pretty much every dance and you’re wondering if he’s sick of it yet (he’s not, you’re awesome).

4. Somehow every time you call your mom she manages to ask how the “boy situation” is

5. And your family likes to get on you about being “too picky”


6. Or they try to make you feel better by telling you that the boys are just "intmidated by you"


In reality, there are plenty of people of all genders, sexual orientations, and ethnicities that are searching for love on Our Lady’s campus. But there are just as many who aren’t. At the end of the day, college is supposed to be one of the best times of your life, so, why waste it worrying about your relationship status. Do what makes you happy and make these years count. And, by all means, forget the haters.

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