6 Succulents That You Need in Your Dorm Room

What are succulents?

They are plants with thick, fleshy leaves that are able to retain water in arid soil conditions. They store water in various structures, such as leaves and stems. The word “succulent” actually comes from the Latin word sucus, which means juice. Succulents are considered ornamental plants because of their fun, uncommon appearance and their ability to flourish with minimal care. Thus, succulents are great for room decor!


  1. This is one of the most popular succulents because it is very resilient and easy to grow indoors. The thick stem and oval-shaped leaves give the jade plant a tree-like appearance, adorable for decorative purposes!


  2. This succulent is commonly known as the "snake plant" because of the shape and sharpness of its leaves. It is also known as a "bedroom plant" because of its ability to filter air and increase oxygen levels, leading to more restful sleep. Plus, it only needs to be watered every two to three weeks!

  3. Not only is this succulent known for its numerous healing properties, it is also a cute, easy-to-grow plant to add to your room. This fleshy succulent can tolerate low-light environments and is very forgiving of infrequent watering!

  4. This succulent is also called the Valentine plant, referring to its thick heart-shaped leaves. Although this low-maintenance indoor plant is slow-growing, it eventually becomes a bush mass of green hearts. Can you believe there is a succulent with such perfectly heart-shaped leaves? This plant is a great way to add some love to your room!

  5. The "Hen" part of the name refers to the main plant, while the "Chicks" are the offspring buds. This succulent’s genus is Sempervivum, which means “live forever” because these succulents grow and propagate so readily. This succulent adapts better to cool temperatures and can even withstand freezing weather. Perfect if you prefer to keep your dorm room cool!

  6. This type of succulent features fleshy leaves and adorable bell-shaped blossoms, with colors ranging from white to red and everything in between. Echeverias require light and airy soil, limited sunlight exposure and very little water. Another great addition to your dorm room!



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