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5 Ways to Keep Up With The 2020 Presidential Election as a College Student

As a Political Science major, I am absolutely fascinated by the political realm of our country. I love following primaries and caucuses, keeping up with which candidates are up or down in the polls and even watching televised rallies and speeches. However, I understand that a lot of people are not as interested or just don’t have enough time to keep up with every little detail in this year’s presidential election. So, here are 5 easy ways that you can stay up to date with the 2020 Election so that you can make an informed decision come November.  


Know Your Current Events 

With the dozens of assignments due by the end of every week, staying up to date with current events can be difficult in college. But, we are surrounded by so much technology that downloading an app, that is more nonpartisan than others, such as The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, or Politico and turning on notifications is super easy!  

Understand How the Election Process Works  

The Election Process in the U.S. can be very confusing - especially for first-time voters. It is very important to understand what your vote will mean and how the Electoral College works. Check out this website for more information!

Watch the Debates 

It isn’t necessary to watch the entire eight days worth of both the RNC and DNC, but watching or even reading a summary of the presidential debates that are fast approaching are very helpful to understand the different stances the two candidates take on major issues pertaining to our country. Especially since one of these debates was supposed to be hosted on our very own campus, we should be informed on how they go down! 

Research the Candidates 

Know what each candidate stands for and why you want to vote for them. Don’t just vote for someone because you think you align with their party; do some digging! You can find information on the accomplishments of the Trump campaign and the Biden campaign on these websites. 

Register to Vote & Fill Out an Absentee Ballot!

Last but not least, register to vote here! After you do this, make sure to properly fill out all the paperwork for an absentee ballot if you do not live in Indiana. It is so important that your vote counts! So, make sure you are informed this semester so your voice can be heard on Election Day! 

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Lindsey Reina

Notre Dame '23

My name is Lindsey Reina, and I am a sophomore at the University of Notre Dame! I am originally from Atlanta, GA, and I am studying Political Science and Latino studies. I am the biggest Taylor Swift fan around, love swimming competitively, and always look forward to baking with my fellow wildcats in Ryan Hall every week!
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