5 Ways to Improve Your Mornings

Mornings are so hard. It's dark and cold, and the last thing anyone wants to do is to leave their warm bed to go to an 8:20 class all the way across campus. Here are some things to do to help make mornings a little more bearable! 

  1. 1. Change Your Alarm

    You know the sound: the horrifying beep that makes every last hair on your body stand up straight. This may not be the best sound to wake up to every morning. Try out more relaxing sounds to wake up to, so that you are able to get out of bed in a better mood. Don’t pick a song that you like because then you'll start to resent that song every time you hear it—try out some more relaxing sounds like instrumental music or nature sounds.

  2. 2. Plan Your Outfit the Night Before

    Waking up in a rush and then having to choose your outfit can cause unnecessary stress. If you plan ahead and choose what you are going to wear the night before, you can save so much time in the morning. Picking your outfit at night also assures that you will pick clothes you like and feel confident in since you have more time to choose them. 

  3. 3. Listen to Music

    Once you finally muster up the strength to get out of bed, put on your favorite tunes and sing along. If your roommate is awake too, have a little early morning dance party together. It’s a great way to share some laughs and boost your mood before starting the day.

  4. 4. Coffee and Breakfast

    Treat yourself to a little coffee and nutritious breakfast when you need a little more motivation. Having something to look forward to in the morning is a great way to get yourself out of bed. Skipping breakfast is one of the worst things to do to your body. It is very important to fuel your mind and body, and food is fuel.

  5. 5. Stretch and Exercise

    Getting your body moving is a great way to get your blood flowing and your endorphins flying. It’s not easy to wake up and send yourself to the gym, but the positive effects it can have on your mood make it so worth it.

Taking mornings one step at a time makes them so much easier to conquer. Creating a routine will help turn mornings into part of your natural rhythm, and these are just some places to start!

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