5 Out-of-the-Way Study Spaces on Campus

You’ve got a paper to write or an exam to study for, your roommate is talking to her boyfriend in your room, and Club Hes is at full capacity–where do you go? If you’re looking for study spaces where a seat is always open, look no further: this list is for you!

O’Neill Hall Sacred Music Library

How to Get Here: Walk towards the stadium and O’Neill Hall will be on the south side near Legends. Walk in, find the elevators at the end of the main hall to the left, and take one to the third floor. You will find the library separated from the rest of the hallway by glass panels.

Hours: 1pm – 11pm Sunday, 9am – 11pm Monday through Thursday, 9am – 6pm Friday, and 12pm – 5pm Saturday.

Why You Should Study Here: Sure, it’s probably going to be a bit of a hike to get here from wherever you are on campus, but if you’re at Dunc already or just really searching for that coveted private spot to get your grind on, this one’s for you! There’s a lot of natural lighting (most of the study tables are near big windows), outlets to charge both your laptop and your phone, and not many people know about or commit to making the walk to this spot. With Dunc close enough that taking a lunch break isn’t a hassle, O’Neill Hall is a favorite full day grind destination for me!

Center for Career Development

How to Get Here: Go to the Duncan Student Center and travel to the 5th floor. This is the Center for Career Development, where you will find a number of places to sit at desks or in chairs and work.

Hours: 5:45 am – 2:00 am everyday (Duncan Student Center)

Why You Should Study Here: If you’re like me, whenever you hit Dunc ready to study it takes another ten minutes after you get there to find someplace you can and actually work. And no matter how many outlets they install, you’ll inevitably find yourself either too far from one to use it or close enough to one that’s already full. Your best bet is to take the extra minute and go up to the fifth floor. It’s usually not busy and spending more time at the Center for Career Development, even if you’re not actually interviewing or meeting with an advisor, is always a good idea, because it will make you more familiar with the space and people there and comfortable when you want to utilize their resources!

Fitzgerald/Cushing Engineering Building

How to Get Here: This building is on South Quad, next to the law building and a short walk away from O’Shag. Walk in and go up to the third floor to find the study alcoves there.

Hours: Closed on weekends.

Why You Should Study Here: If you’re a fan of the study alcoves on the second floor of Club Hes (you know the ones I’m talking about--big whiteboard walls and cushy couch seats) but can never snag one of them before they’re all taken, you’ll love this study spot! Unlike buildings like DBart and O’Shag, the engineering building is never super crowded and on a good day, you’ll only see a handful of people pass by in a study session here. While walking confidently into the law building to use their study spaces is a nice idea, you won’t feel like you’re somewhere you’re not supposed to be here, so be sure to check it out!

LaFun Side Rooms/Lounges

How to Get Here: There are a lot of out-of-the way study spaces in LaFun, so make sure to take a trek off the beaten path to discover them! To get to my favorite, enter LaFun through the side entrance facing Hayes-Healy and halfway down the hallway heading towards Subway. If you turn to your left, you’ll see a side corridor with a row of tall chairs and desks.

Hours: 24 hours Tuesday through Sunday (LaFun 1st floor and basement)

Why You Should Study Here: LaFun is another great destination now that it’s getting colder out, because you have food and refreshments mere footsteps away–no need to brave the frigid South Bend winter! This option is better for those who get antsy either being in a silent space or a professional area. If the white noise of people going about their business appeals to you, but you don’t want to be right in the middle of them, LaFun’s more private study spots are perfect. You’ll still be able to be around the chaos of campus and won’t be afraid that that accidental loud snapchat you just opened will earn you a dirty look. I love going here when I have smaller tasks to do, so I can walk around and grab snacks to keep myself motivated but not overwhelmed.

Bond Hall Architecture Library

How to Get Here: Head towards COMO and look for the building with the stairs leading up to the door. Summon your inner Rocky and climb those suckers. Once you’re in, just head straight back towards the door. Through the glass you’ll see the shelves of books, and you’ll know you’re in the right place.

Hours: 9 – 5 Monday through Friday

Why You Should Study Here: Oh, boy, is the architecture library pretty! I first discovered this one when I accidentally had my library holds sent here. If you’re the kind of person who loves studying on the quiet floors of Club Hes, but live near South Quad, make this your winter study destination! No need to trudge through the snow, when you’ve got a perfectly good library in your own backyard. Like O’Neill’s sacred music library, this one usually isn’t very busy either, but since it’s more centralized I can’t guarantee you’ll find the same peace and quiet you would if you went to O’Neill. Trust me on this, though, it’s a hidden gem that’s worth checking out!

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