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20 Clothing Essentials That Every College Girl Needs

Let’s face it – when it comes to clothes, there are so many necessities that a college girl just cannot live without. After much speculation, and after asking plenty of Notre Dame women what their clothing essentials are, I have been able to compile this list of absolute clothing must haves. Check your closet, and if you don’t have something, go get it!

1.  Good pair of jeans


Without a good pair of jeans, what would a girl do? Jeans are a basic go-to for any outfit. They can be dressed up or down, and when they fit well, can make you feel like a super model. They also come in endless amounts of colors, and different cuts can flatter every body types.

2.  Black leggings

Black leggings are an absolute must. Usually, girls will have multiple pairs of black leggings (the max that I have heard as of yet is nine pairs, which compared to my measly four, is pretty extensive) because they are both comfy and classy. However, leggings in themselves, no matter what color, are great for any outfit. It is becoming more and more popular for leggings to have crazy and funky patterns, so don’t be afraid to go out and try out different styles. You’ll always have your black leggings to fall back on if the funky ones don’t work out.

3.  Boots

Boots, boots boots! In college, boots rule the footwear scene. When it rains, rain boots come in clutch. Snow? Bean boots tackle it, no problem. Lazy day? Uggs have got you covered. And a stylish outfit? A nice pair of tall boots or combat boots will save the day. An array of boots will give you various options so that your footwear never becomes boring.

4.  Oversized t-shirts

Oversized t-shirts serve many purposes. They can be worn on a casual day for a cute outfit. They can be worn as night shirts at bed time. They can also be cut into cute styles for a more unique look. Having a bunch of t-shirts in your closet will make your life easier in the long run.

5.  A big comfy hoodie

We all have those nights where we just want to cuddle with someone and eat a lot of ice cream and just forget about the struggles of life for a while. With a big (typically oversized) and comfy hoodie, you can snuggle those problems away. Oversized hoodies nearly equate to big warm hugs, so with one of these in your closet, you’ll get through it.

6.  Slippers

It’s midnight, and all of a sudden I realize how intense my desire for a Cup of Noodles is. I don’t want to walk down to the kitchen barefoot, and I am not putting on real shoes – I am not willing to put forth that effort. What do I do? I slip on my slippers and walk my way down to soupy happiness. Boom: slippers are necessary.

7.  Converse/Sperrys

Going along with footwear, there has been a general consensus that Converse and Sperrys are the top two go-to shoes to wear around campus. No matter what your shoe preference, always go for a pair that is comfortable, functional, and cute!

8.  A flannel shirt

Flannel shirts are one of my favorite pieces of clothing; they always look super cute with jeans. In a last minute Halloween costume pinch (like mine last year…) you can pair them with boots to make an instant cowgirl costume. They are so comfy and casual; I have 5 different colors. Also, they are easy to attain, just raid any guys closet and he is bound to have one. My advice: look at the guys’ selection of flannels when shopping. They are often comfier, and tend to fit more body types than the girls selection, but that all depends on what you like! Or just check out both sections and get all the flannels because they are so awesome.

9.  A spirit jersey

Although spirit jerseys have been becoming very popular lately, it seems that generally a good amount of school pride apparel is required in a college girl’s closet. At Notre Dame, this is not exactly hard to find, since there enough is dorm apparel, sports apparel, and school apparel to last forever. Make sure your school pride isn’t hidden from your clothing, wear it loud and proud!

10. Running Sneakers

Practical, useful and comfortable, these are either your best friends, or your worst enemies. You may use them all the time on your long runs or for your frequent gym trips, or perhaps they sit long forgotten in the back of your closet. Take them out one day; if they sit outside your closet long enough, they might just guilt you into getting your butt to the gym for a workout. Go health!

11.  Black hair ties

I tend to compare hair ties to gum. When someone finds out you have gum, you always get asked for a piece, and when you give it, you get nothing in return. Girls always ask to borrow scrunchies or hair ties from one another, and after about a week, come to find that their entire package of hair ties has dwindled down to a sad zero, since no one ever gives back a used scrunchie. Stocking up on packs of black hair ties will ensure that you have an abundance for yourself, as well as enough to share if a friend is in need.

12. An array of different colored socks

Matching socks is a hassle, especially when putting away laundry. Now that mismatched and colored socks are gaining popularity, it makes it so much easier to just throw them all in your drawer and call it a day.  Plus, fun colors make everything better!

13. Scarves

Scarves are cute and warm accessories. They add a nice touch to any outfit. They can be worn all different ways, too, giving you many styling options. Now that infinity scarves are becoming more prevalent, you have even more options!

14. A statement necklace

Instantly dress up any outfit with a cute statement necklace. The more you have, the more you can turn any outfit into a stunning one!

15. A blazer

A nice blazer has the ability to give your outfit a serious, yet cute twist. In college, you will (hopefully) be participating in many interviews and events that require business casual attire. A blazer is an instant yes; official and cute, the perfect way to assert your dominance in the workforce, and yet keep that feminine flair.

16. Shower flip flops

I did not realize that some people found this to be an optional concept, but apparently there are many of you lovely ladies out there that do not feel the need to use shower flip-flops. College showers are not exactly the most sanitary of places to walk barefoot, so make sure that you have a pair of flip flops to wear while you shower. 

17. Sweat pants

Do I really need to explain why sweat pants are necessary? They are. Lazy days happen, and sweat pants are there to get you through them, end of story.

18. A Hawaiian shirt

Themed events are always a thing at college. Let me tell you, Hawaiian is always a popular one (along with toga, heaven/hell and Wild West themes).  Instead of having to be the girl to ask all around her dorm who could lend her a Hawaiian-themed shirt, just bring one with you. It will spare you the embarrassment.

19. PJ onesie or a PJ set

Pajama sets and pajama onesies are actually pretty popular on college campuses. Usually, they have pretty sweet, albeit obnoxious patterns on them, and can make for warm winter nights. And no, you won’t be made fun of, they are more common than you’d think.

20. A turbie twist

Okay so I know that many of you probably do not know what a turbie twist is, but I can assure you that as a girl in college, it will make your life 1,000 times easier. Turbie twists are towels designed specifically to be made into turbans after your shower.  Usually when most girls come out of the shower, they need two large towels.  One for their body, and one for all the hair they need to dry.  But turbie twists make it all so much easier.  It comes with a rubber band so that the turban doesn’t fall off when you move, and it’s small enough so that it can hold all of your hair, without being super bulky and falling in your eyes.  Consider getting one – I can assure you that you will use it and love it.


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