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15 Ryan Gosling Photos to Get You Through Finals

Finals week. Finals week at Notre Dame. Ugh.

To get you through this hump day of Finals Week 2014, here are 15 photos of Ryan Gosling. We all know his healing power.

The perfect photo to start with: Ryan in glasses with a book. So studious.

In case you were feeling down about the rain. Ryan makes it better.

Dog therapy?

Yes, Santa. I would like Ryan for Christmas.

Imagine this picture with yourself standing on his right... yeah.

The only person that can pull of black and white like Ryan is Justin Timberlake. Did you know they knew each other as kids?

Even with his ugly face he's attractive.

I would jump into those arms.

Teenager Ryan? I'll take 50 please.

Babybabybaby. He's probably an amazing father...

He plays guitar too?!

More pet therapy.

And even more. So hot.

Stare into his eyes for five seconds. I guarantee you'll feel better.

On a final note, how sexy is Ryan?


Good luck on finals and Merry Christmas!

Remember, Lady Domers, it's nice to be nice!


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