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13 Lyrics that Prove Taylor Swift Wrote Her Songs About South Bend Weather

Taylor gets a lot of backlash against her songs. Sure they sound like they’re all about boys, but maybe, just maybe, we have all been thinking about them the wrong way. Maybe Taylor’s muses weren’t Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner or that cute guy she saw at the coffee shop. Maybe, she drew her inspiration from experiencing the seasons changing in South Bend...here are 13 songs that some might consider solid proof.

1. "You were right there beside me, all summer long. Then the time we woke up to find, that summer gone." -"Tim McGraw"

In this song, Taylor laments over the loss of sunshine and warmth as Fall approaches. Obviously, she’s singing to the 80 degree weather. She totally sympathises with all the Southern kids experiencing the winter for the first time. Stay strong guys.

2. "I remember when we broke up, the first time, saying it was it I’ve had enough, cause like…"-"We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"

The first drop in temperature (before it climbed into the 80s again) Taylor thought she had an understanding of how it all worked. Then the day after wearing a sundress it dropped into the 40s...

3. "Say you’ll remember me, standing in a nice dress staring at the sunset, babe."- "Wildest Dreams"

TSwizzle knows that in a few weeks she will be unrecognizable under 7 layers, so she wants all the boys to remember her at her finest summer moment.

4. "Come on, come on don’t leave me like this I thought I had you figured out." -"Haunted"



Again, Taylor tries to bargain with the warmth, willing it to come back...but not even Tay can command the unpredictable South Bend weather.

5. "I never thought we’d have to end like this." -"Last Kiss"

Taylor it’s okay...no one wants the warm weather to end.

6. "Are we in the clear yet, are we in the clear yet, are we in the clear yet, in the clear yet? Good."- "Out of the Woods"

Forget relationships, the real struggle is figuring out what to wear in the morning when you know it’s going to be 20 degrees warmer by 2pm. Taylor gets it.

7. "Now I’m lying on the cold, hard ground."- "I Knew You Were Trouble"

This was written when Taylor gave up all hope of ever feeling her fingers again. She just had one of those days where all you can do is lie on the ground and write a song about boys who have done you wrong. C’mon we all have those days, right??

8. "And now that I'm sitting here thinking it through, I've never been anywhere cold as you." - "Cold As You"

This was written after the realization that South Bend is FREEZING.

9. "Everything will be alright if we keep dancing like {it’s} 22 {degrees outside}."- "22"

This was probably the original version of the song. Tay had to keep moving and grooving to keep her feet from going numb.

10. "I knew you were trouble {when I saw the insta pics of people 2 feet deep in snow}." - "I Knew You Were Trouble"

You, as in South Bend weather, and trouble, as in wow I’m gonna need a really good coat.

11. "And I don't know why but with you I'd dance in a {snow} storm in my best dress, fearless." - "Fearless"

As hard as the cold may be to bear, there’s something about Notre Dame that makes it magical and worth the numb fingers and toes.

12. "We found wonderland. You and I got lost in it. And life was never worse but never better." - "Wonderland"

This is probably Taylor praising the existence of warm classroom buildings like DeBart.

13. "Today was a fairytale" - "Today Was a Fairytale"

Taylor realized that with the cold weather comes magical things like being able to wear sweaters and drink hot chocolate and watch the leaves change color…it’s beyond worth it!

Good luck to everyone dealing with the cold for the first time and remember, as Queen Swift says, the fakers gonna fake, heartbreakers gonna break, but you just gotta shake it off.

Happy Fall! Love, HCND


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