10 Common Feve Interactions

Every Thursday night, Notre Dame students Uber into the depths of downtown South Bend to experience Club Fever, which they fondly refer to as, Feve. This is a night of dancing, laughing, drinking, and strange interactions. In this article, I will talk about the 10 most common interactions one will have at Feve.

1. The Greedy Bouncer

Feve regulars know how to work the bouncers. If your fake is decent and you have two forms of ID, see the side door bouncer and either know all the info on your ID or slip him a five underneath it. If those criteria do not apply to you see the front door bouncer and hand him nothing less than a ten. Based on the amount of students in Feve, these guys can make hundreds of dollars off of bribes alone.

2. Excise Guy

This is the guy seen standing next to the bouncer attempting to look intimidating. His job is to arrest those caught using fake IDs, but in reality, he is getting a cut of what the bouncer makes and will always look the other way. That is, unless they are doing a crackdown, which somehow the whole student knows about in advance so no one goes that night anyways.

3. Drunk Girl in the Bathroom

This girl can be seen giving out compliments by the sink, crying next to the paper towels, or throwing up. Depending on which she is doing, she can either be the best or worst person you run into that night.

4. The guy who tries too hard to hook up with you

This is the guy who not so secretly watches you dance with your friends for a while before aggressively grabbing your hips in the middle of the dance floor. You quickly move away only to discover he has returned a few minutes. Only when you finally look him in the eye and tell him “no” does he move onto a new target.

5. The guy you actually want to hook up with

This guy is in a couple of your classes and you two have been flirting for a while. Unfortunately, he came out with all his bros and you with all your girls so the gazes from across the dance floor will lead nowhere unless one of you builds up the courage to leave the group and walk over to the other.

6. The Bartender

Bartenders at Feve come in a wide variety from the pregnant girl downstairs to the guy who offers “Tits for shots”.They will keep your pockets empty and your cups full to ensure that you have a night you will most definitely forget.

7. That person you don’t know

They apparently know you and proceed to have a full conversation with you. You try to be polite, but the discomfort on your face is evident the entire time.

8. The girl who just loves to dance

This is the girl who has strayed far away from her friends and is swaying back and forth on stage by herself to literally every song. She cares nothing about who is watching or what she looks like, she simply feels the beat and moves with it. You might think this girl is strange, but secretly you wish you had her confidence.

9. The townie

This is probably the easiest person to spot because they will actually be 21. They are the full grown adults and full-time residents of South Bend who occasionally come out to Feve to have a good time. If their age doesn’t give them away, the look of annoyance they have toward the clearly underage ND kids will.

10. The version of yourself you never knew existed

She is wild, crazy, fun, and confident. She doesn’t have a care in the world and is having the time of her life. This girl does not come out often, but when she does you cherish her and wish she could stay with you forever.


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