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Whether you’re cuddling up with your special someone or looking to distract yourself from your singlehood this Valentine’s Day, there’s a good chance your night will include turning on your TV or logging in to your Netflix account. Here’s what you should be watching Friday night, from the most lovefest-y romcoms to the shows most suitable for binge watching while wearing sweats and stuffing your face with the heart-shaped pizza you ordered (ironically, of course!).

Spoken For: If there was never a question in your mind as to whom you would be spending Valentine’s Day with, why not watch the sweetest love stories you can find? It might be the only day of the year you can convince your guy to watch a chick flick! Go for Titanic or The Notebook if you don’t mind your s.o. seeing you turn into a blubbering mess, or Knocked Up if you’re looking for a surprisingly heartfelt raunchy comedy. If you’re the classic “best friends turned perfect couple,” you could watch When Harry Met Sally or relive Jim and Pam’s best moments in The Office.

Friends with Benefits: Sure, if you’re in a “what exactly are we?” situation, you could watch the cliché Friends With Benefits or No Strings Attached, but why not delve a little deeper into your probably-confusing friendship with a movie like He’s Just Not That Into You or Love and Other Drugs? If your current set-up is working just fine, though, watch something that you’ll both enjoy and won’t leave you questioning every aspect of your “relationship,” like Arrested Development or any of the TLC shows on Netflix (but only the most intellectual shows, of course, like My Strange Addiction or Toddlers & Tiaras). 

Galentines: If you’re spending V-Day with your best friends, watch something that will celebrate the girls that always have your back. Obviously, the “Galentine’s Day” episode of Parks & Recreation is a must, but Sex & The City and The Hills also have their fair share of gal-pal love. And movie-wise, you couldn’t possibly go wrong with Bridesmaids—who doesn’t dream of dancing to a live performance by Wilson Phillips at their best friend’s wedding?

At Least I Have My Cat(s): If you’re dedicating the 14th to número uno, the first step is to accept it and be content with your situation. The second step is to put on your comfiest sweats and get cozy in front of the TV! Because the night is all about you, watch your favorite things, whether it’s your favorite romcom (Bridget Jones’ Diary or Silver Linings Playbook, anybody?) or something you’ve been meaning to catch up on like Girls. Liz Lemon from 30 Rock and Dr. Mindy Lahiri from The Mindy Project should be your single girl role models: they’re quirky and confident and always true to themselves.

Everything Else: This list doesn’t cover every single type of Valentine’s Day plans, so here are a few more movie recommendations for specific situations. If some might describe your date as an inanimate object, try Lars and the Real Girl (Ryan Gosling, swoon) or Her. If you met him or her online (Tinder, anybody?), check out You’ve Got Mail. If you’re both star-crossed futuristic robot lovers: Wall-E. And if you two used to be stepsiblings but are now undeniably attracted to each other despite the questionable legality of the situation, Clueless is your best bet.


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