Your Guide to Chicago Brunch Spots

Weekend brunch is a fantastic way to get together with a few good friends and enjoy a relaxing meal after a chaotic week. As far as brunch spots go, Chicago has plenty. I know when I started going to brunch on the weekends in the city, I was overwhelmed by all of the options. There are a variety of restaurants that have entirely different menus and vibes. Over the few months I have lived near Chicago, I have developed an amateur’s guide to Chicago brunch spots. All of the following restaurants have amazing menus and are perfect for spending an intimate brunch with friends and family. 

  1. 1. Honeybear Cafe 

    Location: Rogers Park 

    Honeybear Cafe is a quaint restaurant that is full of plants and tributes to its Chicago roots. The menu is the best part of this cafe because it has tons of options. There are obviously classic breakfast and lunch options, but there are also many unique takes on these classics. Honeybear Cafe has a wide variety of pancake, french toast and crepe flavors that look and taste absolutely amazing. The biggest perk of this cafe is that it has large portions that taste great for a very reasonable price!

  2. 2. Wake 'n Bacon 

    Location: East Lakeview

    Wake ‘n Bacon is the perfect brunch spot for Instagram worthy photos. The interior features bold prints along the walls and hundreds of flowers hanging from the ceiling. Additionally, the menu has numerous options based on if you are in the mood for something savory, sweet and savory, sweet, or you just want the occasional “munchie.” Wake ‘n Bacon has it all!

  3. 3. Batter & Berries 

    Location: Lincoln Park 

    Batter & Berries is an eclectic brunch option that has a very sunny disposition. The yellow exterior and purple door welcome you in to enjoy the sweetest options on their menu. Batter & Berries features typical breakfast pastries like french toast and pancakes. Their world famous “french toast flight” introduces a weekly special french toast that highlights different seasons and cultures. This locally owned business also works with Chicago artisans to help out the community!

  4. 4. Edie's All Day Cafe and Bar 

    Location: River North 

    Edie’s All Day Cafe and Bar is a great option for a more casual brunch. The cafe has an extensive coffee menu that includes fan favorites like their “Pink Me Up Hot Chocolate” and their sparkly lattes. Their coffee innovations are not only perfect for an Instagram post, but they also taste amazing! Edie’s pastry, breakfast and lunch menus also have very unique options that you have to check out!

  5. 5. Summer House Santa Monica 

    Location: Lincoln Park 

    Summer House Santa Monica is a bright and airy brunch spot that is inspired by the West Coast. The interior’s natural elements, like the hanging ferns and courtyard seating, create a calming atmosphere that is perfect for a relaxing morning. Their weekend brunch menu has tons of vegan and comfort options that will satisfy anyone’s taste buds. Summer House Santa Monica is a great option for those looking to wind back and enjoy a fantastic meal!

Chicago’s brunch scene is a great way to enjoy wonderful meals with old and new friends. There are so many amazing restaurants to try every weekend! My amateur guide to Chicago brunch spots is in no way complete. I cannot wait to explore every part of this fun and exciting city, and brunch is a great meal to start off my day of exploration!