Why Third Wheeling Two Best Friends is the Absolute Worst

You might think third wheeling an actual couple is the worst, and admittedly, it can be pretty annoying, especially if you’re single and perhaps a bit bitter. Hand holding, paying attention to only their significant other and other public displays of affection are common in couples. But these are nothing compared to the psychological warfare that is third wheeling two best friends. Here are just a few reasons why.

1. Inside jokes

No matter how long two people have been friends, it's pretty likely they have a whole host of inside jokes stocked up. When a joke is referenced that you aren’t aware of, it could be anything from a passing laugh, to the two of them trying to catch their breath from laughing so hard while you’re sitting there like an idiot with no idea what's going on.

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2. Knowing each other's secrets

Similar to inside jokes, certain things have probably been shared between two best friends that a third party is unaware of. You can tell the difference between an inside joke or something more personal being referenced based on the response from one of the two best friends – if its a “shut up,” or a glare instead of a laugh, it's a secret. Don’t worry, you still have no idea what's going on.

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3. Speaking the same language

Every region and community has its own dialect of sorts. Midwestern mothers don’t exactly speak the same as valley girls, and women in the workplace don’t talk like teenagers on Twitter. Within these communities, it's pretty much guaranteed that individuals will curate their own set of words, phrases, sounds and other responses that are central to them. It's very possible that when you spend time with two best friends, you won’t even be entirely on the same linguistic page.

4. Taking pictures of them

You’re going to have to take pictures of them. Let's face it, unless you’re willing to be that person who asks a stranger to take a picture, or you want to set up a self-timer, you’re these two best friends' personal photographer.

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