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What You Need in Your Medicine Drawer This Winter From Someone Who is Always Sick

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At this point, basically everyone on campus has gotten sick from the mystery, non-covid related illness that knocks you out of commission for a day or two. Some call it the freshman plague, others the frat flu; whatever it is, it isn’t fun. And, with the cold weather approaching, it’s time to stock up your medicine cabinet and prepare to fight all the viruses to come. As someone with an unfortunately poor immune system, here are my recommendations for how to evade illness so you can be back to class in no time!

Zicam cold remedy nasal swabs

These medicated nasal swabs seem weird and might look like they will give you trauma from covid testing, but are complete game-changers. Start using these twice a day when you get a sniffle, just around the rim of your nostrils. They will temporarily relieve stuffiness and shorten the span of your illness. 

Airborne vitamin c and immune support supplement (gummies!)

These Vitamin C gummies are the best preventative measures I have found for getting sick. While they aren’t as tasty as other gummy vitamins, they get the job done and are easy to work into your everyday routine. When I start to feel sick, I try to take three gummies both morning and night and try to take two a day during the regular cold and flu season.

Saline nasal spray

Saline spray is great for helping to clear sinuses and the nose out when you are feeling stuffy. The spray is especially effective at preventing or clearing up sinus infections. It can be used in the morning or night (or both!) and can be found from multiple brands at any drug store.

Neilmed sinus rinse

The sinus rinse is something I have had prescribed to me for sinus issues and can truly work wonders. It feels great and clears you out so efficiently when you are feeling stuffy. While it can be a hassle, especially in college, it is always helpful. Purchasing an electric kettle will help with a sinus rinse, as you need to use boiled water with it, but will be worth the investment when it lets you breathe again. 

Rest! Take care of yourself

As basic as this sounds, practicing self-care when you feel sick is the most important remedy of them all! It is okay to ask for an extension or miss a club meeting or two if it means taking care of yourself. Remember that you are not a superhero and that, if you are not feeling your best, you are not going to produce your best work! So take it easy and rest so that you can be back to your busy life in no time. 

Sela Breen

Northwestern '25

Sela Breen is a freshman journalism major at Northwestern University from Westchester, New York. She loves all things fashion, talks too much about her dog and has an unhealthy obsession with pasta.
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