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What Diet Coke Flavor Should You Try Based on Your Horoscope?

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Our Her Campus chapter at Northwestern was so pleased and proud to host Diet Coke at our student center this past Monday. The Diet Coke staff passed out samples of the classic soda’s new flavors: Blueberry Açaí, Strawberry Guava, Ginger Lime, Feisty Cherry, Zesty Blood Orange, and Twisted Mango. Everyone enjoyed tasting their beverages, but it became really hard to choose a favorite because there was so much variety.

If you still need some help deciding between Lime and Cherry or Blood Orange and Blueberry Açaí, let the stars be your guide! Here is your recommended flavor based on your astrological sign.


Enthusiastic and energized Aries are always on the go! Check out Ginger Lime for the perfect citric-spice taste.  


A Taurus is reliable and supportive, so why not take a sip of the OG Diet Coke classic flavor? Nothing wrong with something tried and true!


Geminis are ready to try new things and won’t back down from a challenge. They can definitely handle the new Blueberry Açaí combo from Diet Coke.


Kind and loyal Cancers make for sweet friends! If you’re a Cancer, check out Strawberry Guava!


A Leo is loving and creative with a kick! Zesty Blood Orange will give you the pop of flavor that you desire.


Hardworking and warm hearted? Sounds like a Virgo, and sounds like they would love a tropical refreshing beverage like Twisted Mango Diet Coke.


Libras are known for their busy social lives and diplomatic approach to relationships. Super easy to pick up an original flavor Diet Coke! Maybe even grab one with a Taurus friend!


Scorpios will always have your back and are super passionate about whatever they’re doing. Grab a can of Feisty Cherry for sweetness and energy!


A Sagittarius friend is someone who can always make you laugh! Definitely try Twisted Mango for a delicious bubbly beverage!


Capricorns are always on the ball! Need a responsible friend? Call a Capricorn, and drink some delicious Blueberry Açaí Diet Coke!


An Aquarius is independent and busy being themself. Need a break from all of your hard work? Relax with a nice can of the new Ginger Lime flavor.


And last but certainly not least, the magnificent Pisces who is known for their artistic mindset and compassion. Who wouldn’t want to sample a can of Strawberry Guava with someone like that?

Thank you again for stopping by Northwestern, Diet Coke! We hope to see you again soon!

Laurel Wholihan

Northwestern '20

Northwestern Contributor 2020