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The Ultimate Thanksgiving Break Checklist

By the time Thanksgiving rolls around, just about every college student is itching to get off campus. Regardless of how much you love school, November is the time of the year when everyone needs a break. You either have, or are just finishing, midterms, it is the beginning of the bitter cold and the leaves are no longer pretty. I can just smell the turkey from here, can’t you?

However, even though students are excited, it does not necessarily mean that they are ready. Thanksgiving is full of family time and reuniting with old friends, and it can definitely be intimidating. Everyone could use a little help when looking forward to Thanksgiving, so follow these steps to be as prepared as possible for this short break.

Pack lightly

When you get back to your closet at home for the first time in a few months, you are bound to find some things you forgot or realized you want at school. If you come home with a full suitcase, you will have no room to bring new things back. The only exception to this would be if you are willing to admit that winter has actually begun and that it is acceptable to say goodbye to your summer clothes.

Check in with your home friends

Whether it is your high school friend, hometown friend, camp friend or any other type of friend, there will always be someone that you did not keep up with enough at school, but definitely need to check in with before you see them for the first time in person. Do this sooner rather than later, because you really should not write off your old friends so fast.

Check what work you need to bring home

Even though Thanksgiving feels like a time to completely check out, very few of us actually have that luxury. You should do as much as possible before you leave for Thanksgiving to avoid having homework, but sometimes, it is inevitable. Make sure you pack anything you may need for that assignment that is due the Monday or Tuesday after break.

Leave extra time to get to the airport

Isn’t Thanksgiving the busiest time at every airport across the country? No matter what obscure time your flight departs at, Thanksgiving traffic is going to hit. To avoid looking like a maniac running through the airport five minutes before the doors close, just leave some extra time.

Thanksgiving is the first little break we have from school and it is definitely worth looking forward to, so don’t forget to do any of these things to ensure the best break possible.

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