TV Review: ‘Dynasty’ Reboot

Reboots and revivals are all the rage on television nowadays. Millions tuned in for the Will and Grace revival and it received positive views. But unlike that series, the new Dynasty has an entire new cast and target audience. The CW has had success with teen soap operas on the network. But, if the first episode is a glimpse of what this season will be like, then the future isn’t promising. Unfortunately, the Dynasty premiere was a predictable bore.

The show was already off to a bad start with the long, spoiler-filled trailer released months ago. However, it still made our best new shows list because of its inclusion of more diverse characters and an supported openly gay character. The positives of the show stop are only found in the description. The first sign the episode wouldn't be extremely entertaining: the first shot is a picture of the Trump family as a representation of a dynasty.

In a voiceover that lasts way too long, Fallon, played by the talented Elizabeth Gillies, introduces herself and the other main cast to the audience as constant aerial views of the mansion is shown to really stress this family is in the one percent. The sassy looks and attitude that Gillies brings to the role are the only highlights of the episode.

The plot focuses on her rival, Crystal, who is a woman Fallon’s father is marrying and making the Chief Operating Officer of his company despite this being his daughter’s dream. The scenes with Crystal and her friends aren’t too interesting considering they are the playful sidekicks with constant one-liners that can be found in any television show. Plus, aside from Crystal’s interactions with Anders, who is played by Alan Dale from The O.C., the character doesn’t appear to be strong or clever enough to go head-to-head with Fallon each week.

Another problem with the show is that the first 20 minutes are summed up in the teaser trailer. There aren’t any shocking moments because of this and the “surprise” plot points that are revealed during the final minutes are expected halfway through the episode.

Fallon’s brother Steven is the second intriguing character considering he doesn’t immediately disregard Crystal like his sister. However, with dialogue like “Change the game, or don’t play at all,” it is possible the character won’t live up to his potential.

Dynasty isn’t necessarily bad. It’s just that nothing is exciting or unanticipated in the first episode. The plot of a father putting his business before his family has been seen on television so many times before and this pilot doesn’t suggest that these characters will have a different outcome. The episode ends with a woman screaming, “You killed my husband.” Unfortunately, Dynasty does not leave the audience wanting to find out if she is right or wrong.


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