Thoughts of an "Irrelevant" Junior

So you're a junior. Freshman year, you made the necessary rookie mistakes and you had fun. Sophomore year, you had a year of college under your belt so you can act entitled among all the new freshmen. But now you're a junior...and you just don't know where you stand anymore. 

You’re too old for slimy, freshman-infested frat basements.

And when you end up in a frat party, you just don’t care.

When you tell freshmen you’re a junior, they try to impress you and act cool.

But in reality, you have no idea what you're doing...especially in the internship search.

You’re at an age where you’re not 21, or if you are legal, none of your friends are so you’re stuck in a weird limbo.

Your friends who are 21 can go out into the city and have fun, but you have to wait a few more gruesome months until you're legal.

So most nights, while freshmen and sophomores are living it up and seniors are in the city, you’re just in bed contemplating your life.

You start to regret not going abroad because all of your friends are gone and their Instagrams are on point.

At the end of the day, you might feel old and irrelevant. But you know every other junior is in the same boat as you.