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This Is Your Sign to Switch to Clean Beauty- Reviewing Sweet Chef’s Blemish Rescue Patches

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I’m sure you have observed the ingredients in the food you eat, but have you taken a moment to look at the ingredients in your skincare? What you put on your body is just as important as what you put inside it. Some ingredients have the potential to cause harm over time with continued use. Chemicals and fragrance can cause irritation, especially for sensitive skin. Clean beauty products often exclude these harmful products by integrating natural ingredients. So, this is your sign to switch to clean beauty products.

Clean beauty is more than just a marketing ploy. It is a movement that prioritizes you and the environment. This movement is swiftly changing the beauty industry, as more companies are developing cleaner recipes. There are also many new companies rising in popularity. Clean beauty products incorporate natural and organic ingredients into cosmetic products and often are grounded in cruelty-free and sustainability practices. 

One of the best aspects of the clean beauty industry is the emphasis on showcasing natural skin and inclusivity. Brands centered around clean beauty often feature content that centers around embracing oneself and self-care. There’s nothing better than a brand that vows to create products that benefit you, but also showcase people who look like you. It encourages you to invest in their products when you see a reflection of yourself and your ideals. 

A brand that truly embodies the aesthetic and concept of clean beauty is Sweet Chef. Sweet Chef is a vegan and cruelty-free natural skincare line that is designed to give your skin the radiance it deserves. Sweet Chef is the quintessential introduction to the world of clean beauty. Their Carrot Ginger Blemish Rescue Patches were so easy to use and helped to remove a stubborn pimple overnight. Each product comes with translucent patches of different sizes, as well as a patch decorated with mini carrots. You are supposed to leave them on for 6 or more hours and observe the changes in your skin. After removing my patches, I was delighted to see my pimple disappear without having to spend time popping it. 

If you’re not convinced yet about making the transition to clean beauty products, let me set the scene for you. It is a wonderful Sunday morning and you just had an invigorating outdoor workout. You follow your workout up with a delicious, healthy smoothie. The sun was shining radiantly on your skin and you are one with nature. However, after your workout you must wash your face and body. What kind of products do you envision next to you? If you mean to keep the feeling of radiance and this natural aesthetic, how could the product not be a clean beauty one? Better yet, how could it not be a product from Sweet Chef? 

Keyanna was gifted the carrot ginger blemish rescue patches by Sweet Chef as part of the HCMxSweetChef collab #ad

Keyanna Adams

Northwestern '25

Keyanna Adams is a first-year from South Florida, who is majoring in Neuroscience. She enjoys travel, trying new foods, and exploring different creative outlets.