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Kayln: This October’s “Friday the 13th” was far from spooky — it was “fearless!” Swifties across the globe rejoiced at the opportunity to relive the magic of the Taylor Swift Eras Tour (or experience it for the first time) from movie theaters worldwide. 

Barbara: When Taylor announced that Swifties would have the chance to relive the  “gorgeous” night that was The Eras Tour I was living my “wildest dreams”. Long story short, I had the time of my life at the concert, so to re-experience that is a “long-lived” wish of mine. What was your impression of the Eras Tour, Kayln? 

Kayln: I was “enchanted” by Taylor both in-person and in the theater! There’s something so special about having songs you sang along to as a little kid captured on-screen forever – while you’re still recovering from hearing Taylor’s “timeless” music live! Seeing the “Fearless” set in Chicago meant everything to me, reviving memories of blasting “You Belong With Me” and “Love Story” on CD, rewatching the music videos on repeat, and memorizing every single word. Watching the set on-screen was just as special, and an experience I’ll cherish “forever and always.” 

Barbara: I agree. In the stadium, there was so much positive energy surrounding me as all of us Swifities were about to experience our “wonderland”. Observing Swifties’ outfits of the different eras, exchanging friendship bracelets and taking pictures was so wholesome. “Don’t Blame Me” but I have to point out that in the movie theaters, the crowd was tamer than I expected. I thought people would approach it more as a chance to recreate the concert experience of dancing and singing but my friends and I were the only ones doing so. To be fair, I think it could have been specific to the movie theater I went to. 

Kayln: I totally agree. While we had a few “suburban legends” in our theater, the energy of the Eras Tour was impossible to recreate. Luckily, the film highlighted elements that the live shows failed to emphasize. After surviving the “Great War” (aka waiting 8 hours on Ticketmaster for seats at Eras), I was overwhelmed with joy when I realized I’d see an artist I’ve loved for “evermore” perform live! But between singing along and watching my own “tears ricochet” during ‘Marjorie’, I missed a few moments that I actually got to see in the film! For instance, the acting bit before “Tolerate It” was absolutely insane to watch on-screen –- but hard to observe in detail from the stadium seats. Furthermore, the choreography was somehow even BETTER in the film, since the best bits were captured in close-up shots on the big screen! I mean, I’m still thinking about the “last great american dynasty” choreo from the movie. The crowd shots sprinkled throughout were also an adorable addition to the film!

Barbara: Yes definitely! The Eras Tour movie exposed me to the details of the choreography and set that I wasn’t able to see because of seating and overstimulation of the concert. My experience was the same for “Tolerate it” and the movie thankfully gave me the opportunity to see the moments I missed. One of the highlights of the movie for me was that I was able to see the imagination and meticulousness that was put into creating the Evermore cabin. It was mesmerizing watching Taylor perform ‘tis the damn season’ in it. On that note, seeing up close Taylor’s outfits (whimsical mustardy evermore dress) and even more her adorable facial expressions as she watched Swifties sing along with her was an opportunity only the movie could give me. Also, the intricacies of the choreography and the talent of the dancers could only truly be captured by witnessing it in the movie.   

Kayln: Agreed! Taylor’s close-up facials were a major movie highlight. Obviously, we have to talk about surprise songs! I certainly felt like the “lucky one” after getting ‘Hits Different’ and ‘The Moment I Knew’ for Chicago Night 3 – but I was somehow even more excited about the songs Taylor chose to include in the movie. She addressed the controversy about the Eras Tour lacking a Debut set by adding “Our Song” as the first surprise song, and nodded to the tour’s friendship bracelet frenzy with her recorded performance of “You’re On Your Own Kid” from LA Night 3. I’d say that both of my surprise song experiences were a perfect 13/13!!!! 

Barbara: I completely agree. Although I was filled with “happiness” with the surprise songs on Chicago Night 2 (‘I don’t want to live forever’ and ‘You All Over Me’), I was even more thrilled to hear her singing “You’re On Your Own Kid” as a surprise song in the movie. Honestly, I thought it was a mistake not to include it in the setlist. Every time I hear it I become a “mad woman”. Overall, my favorite part of the concert was the nostalgia I felt experiencing the different Eras and reminiscing about the times in my life when I listened to and valued each album the most. 

Kayln: Aw, I love that! The Eras Tour was certainly an experience that Swifties will remember “all too well” for years to come – and I’m thrilled that Taylor and her team captured “the best day” ever on film!

Kayln Jackson

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Kayln is a sophomore at Northwestern studying political science on the pre-law track. She enjoys writing about fashion and the entertainment industry. When she’s not writing for HC, you can probably find her playing her ukulele, planning her dream vacation, or spending way too much time on Pinterest.
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