Thanksgiving Dinner in Gifs

The best thing about fall quarter is not just the beautiful changing of leaves in the crisp Evanston weather. There are also so many festivities going on: you have football season, halloween, thanksgiving, and next thing you know, you have Christmas and the new year! Thanksgiving is just around the corner and school, on the cusp of finals, is put on hold to achieve one goal: to eat as much as you can on this glorious night of feasting. There is simply no better timing than now to put on some extra pounds to prepare for the winter ahead. There's no shame in it, so we present to you the natural progression of a Thankgiving dinner:


1. You've been preparing for this festive night of eating and drinking all year long. 

2. To ensure maximum space in your stomach, you fast all day long, only taking sips of water when you're really feeling parched or chewing gum when your mouth needs to be occupied.

3. As dinner time gets closer, the smell of the food fills your home.

4. It's almost game time, so you get into proper clothing: stretchy pants.

5. As guests start piling into your home, bringing in their prepared dishes, you start to map out your game plan of what dish to attack first.

6. Everyone's arrived, the table has been set, and you're just waiting for the shotgun to ring so you can start on this marvelous marathon of eating. The suspense is real.

7. Round One: grab a little bit of everything. Thanksgiving dinner is a process of elimination.

8. Round Two, Three and Four... You hone down on the dishes you love and go to town.

9. You might need to take a break or two during between the rounds of seconds and thirds, but you got to keep going. This happens just once a year.

10. Repeat steps 7-9 with dessert.

11. When you get to the point of not wanting to eat again for the next year, you've done good. Be proud.

12. After taking a few minutes to muster up enough energy to get up from your seat, you roll over to the closest couch and stay there until next Thanksgiving.