Target is Incredible, as Per Usual: heyday™ Review

The adventure of Target is alluring and mysterious – I usually head there with a couple of items in mind, and upon arriving, Target tells me exactly what else I absolutely need. I’ve had the pleasure of trying out a couple of products from their heyday™ line – a series of super affordable and super cute tech-related products – during some of my recent Target adventures, and have spent a decent amount of time reading reviews of products I haven’t tried myself. Here’s a rundown of some of the products they’ve put out. 

heyday™ Wireless Flat Bluetooth Earbuds

These earbuds are the small and mighty backbone of my day-to-day. They aren’t the best sound quality, but they’re sleek, stay nicely in my ears, and I don’t have to deal with buying an adapter to plug them into my phone – they’re Bluetooth! They tuck nicely into whatever clothing I’m wearing so they don’t bounce around while I’m running, either. These little buds come in a bunch of gorgeous colors, and the best part? They were $10. The battery life isn’t amazing, but as long as you charge them every night, you’re golden.

heyday™ Small Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Loop

I bought this speaker just before heading to college, looking for something small and affordable, and boy, do I love it. My personal favorite use for it is playing music in the shower – it's small and easy to bring in, and the loop makes it easy to carry and hang on something! The sound is honestly pretty good – it's no Bose speaker, but for $20, I’m incredibly impressed. For a small item, it makes a good amount of noise, and the sound is controlled directly from your phone volume buttons.

heyday™ Apple Watch Mesh Band

This particular item is so cute and so sleek – the mesh gives it a chic vibe, and it comes in a few interesting color gradients and solids. This item is only $15 too – a very reasonable price. However, this item, based on the reviews, does not seem to be a crowd-pleaser – the clasp isn’t super durable, and as an Apple watch is pretty expensive, you might want to pay up for something a bit more durable to keep your Apple watch safe. 


heyday™ 3' Lightning to USB-A Round Cable

Like all the other heyday products, this little charging cable comes in super cute color variations. It has fewer options than the other ones, but still has a good range of pretty pastel cords to choose from! The reviews praise how quickly it charges phones, although some have experienced the charger breaking somewhat quickly. Granted, it is only $10.

This line also includes tablet styluses, phone cases, tablet cases, micro-USB chargers, and more - check them all out on your next Target trip!

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