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Stef On Spain: Garden of Sevilleden

I’m feeling a tad overwhelmed. In a good way. Maybe.

I’m taking classes at three different programs at once – I think. But there are so many options (all in Spanish) for picking classes on the website of Universidad de Sevilla (US) that I can’t navigate it  pa’ nada. So, like every quarter, I emailed my advisors and then called my mom. We (Stef on) Skyped for a half hour, trying to figure out classes and discussing how US is actually really far from the US and here they call that the EEUU not to be confused with the UE which we know as the EU which I’m taking a class about Spanish relations to through Sweet Briar College which is in Virginia but I’m spending time at its office in Paseo de las Delicias which has a delicious view of a large river named Guadalquivir. Say that 10 times fast – How’s that for a name game. If you followed that at all, 10 points.

If not, here’s a different tangent: Spain is confusing. I walked 5 miles today – 2.5 to class and 2.5 getting lost in the most idiotically designed but eerily Alice-in-Wonderland-esque city skinny streets. If you added all the streets in El Centro (downtown) together, you could wrap them around the world 7 times. I completely made that statistic up. So, what’s cool about the streets in Santa Cruz People have gardens INSIDE their houses in those skinny streets. You look to your side and you feel like you just had Alice’s drinkme/shrinkme potion because there are immense Viking-esque doors with huge gold caps (pictures to follow). Some of the doors are open and I won’t publicly announce that I may have trespassed to peak into the incredible interior of these antiquated citymansions. Imagine the Garden of Eden, on steroids, in your foyer. That’s what these ricos have. If I stick around these ginormous doors enough, maybe I’ll find a giant novio who lives in one of these houses and I can just sit in those gardens and feel settled and peaceful.

Right now, I just feel really tiny. Happy, though. Sevilla is a very happy place.

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