Rock the Vote!

Midterm elections are right around the corner, and people around the nation are ready to vote! The recent political shifts in this country have hopefully inspired more citizens to exercise their democratic rights and allow their voices to be heard. Here are some tips and encouragement for voting on Nov. 6!

1. Be an informed voter!

Knowing the people on the ballot is so important. Even if the person is registered for your preferred political party, it remains consequential to know where they stand on issues. A simple Google search of their name can lead you to their website, where you can read about their platform and what they wish to accomplish if elected.

2. Your voice matters!

Though political elections may seem very far removed from your personal life, decisions made in Washington D.C. have the potential to affect you directly. We are lucky to live in a country that gives each of us a voice in the government, so it is our responsibility to use that power to make positive change.

3. Local elections are important!

The schools in your community, natural disaster preparation and road repairs are just a few of the many topics that your ballot could cover. These decisions have the ability to impact your daily life, so think about your priorities as a member of your larger community.

4. All the cool kids are doing it!

Celebrities, media personalities and your friends are going to cast their ballots on Nov. 6! What’s not to love about voting?!

5. Transportation is provided!

Car services like Uber and Lyft are offering free or discounted rides to the polls. So grab some friends for a ride-share and head to your local election center!