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Reactions to The Bachelor Finale

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Northwestern chapter.

In case you haven’t seen on social media, The Bachelor Finale aired this past Monday, and caused a lot of drama per usual. Bachelor Ben Higgins proposed to Lauren Bushnell and sent home America’s favorite, Jojo Fletcher, with little explanation. Here are some of my thoughts after watching the crazy to finale to one of my favorite shows!


1) Nothing else mattered after Ben’s awful breakup with Jojo.

As Jojo begins to profess her love to Ben, believing that she is going to be the one with a ring on her finger, Ben doesn’t even try to stop her. Instead, he lets her continue about how much she has fallen for him and how much she can’t imagine life without him. As Ben starts to explain himself, he brutally tells Jojo “I love you, but I love someone else more.” Ouch. Then, he starts crying like a babbling idiot, to which Jojo promptly leaves, confused and brokenhearted. Ben’s breakup with Jojo was not only awful to watch, but also not sincere at all in my eyes. He truly didn’t give her any answers, and blindsided her even when she asked him not to. After this breakup, I was definitely not Team Ben to say the least.


2) Do we really know much about Lauren B.?

As I watched the finale, I hoped to finally learn more about Lauren B., besides the fact that Ben is crazy about her. We know she is a flight attendant, and that she grew up in Oregon, but do we really know much else about her? To me, throughout the show, at least to the viewers, Lauren seemed a bit dry. I’m sure there are definitely things that we did not see play out between her and Ben on the screen, but between Lauren and Jojo, it seemed like Jojo was just so much more right for him.


3) ABC was trying to hide something.

Last week, ABC posted a promotional clip of Ben’s mom saying that if she had to choose one girl for Ben, it would be Jojo. However, when the episode aired, there was no evidence of the scene, and the clip has since been removed from ABC’s page. What does this even mean? Is ABC trying not to hurt either girl’s feelings? No matter what their goal was of deleting the clip, they failed to realize that once something is out there on the Internet, it is out there forever. Therefore, the clip is still circulating all around the Internet, leaving viewers confused as to why it was deleted.


4) Why did they set up a wedding on After the Final Rose?

Before the episode even started, the Bachelor host, Chris Harrison, said that after talking to Ben on the Woman Tell All episode, he said that he was ready to get married to this woman as soon as possible. Given that statement, ABC took it upon themselves to basically set up the After the Final Rose episode to be a live television wedding. They even brought in Ben’s pastor from home, who looked incredibly comfortable the whole time. They also flew in both the families of Lauren and Jojo… can you say awkward? After the winner was revealed, and Ben and Lauren came out for the first time as a couple, they chose not to get married that day on television, rightfully so. However, Ben did decide to repropose to Lauren in front of her whole family, which was actually sweet. And the pastor got to watch too as he awkwardly stood on the side of them.



No explanation needed here. This more than deserving woman will be the Bachelorette next season and I could not be happier!


Although my favorite, Jojo, didn’t win, Ben and Lauren will be a great couple, and my Bachelor love will never die. Jojo’s season will premiere May 23rd, so tune in to watch her love story play out!