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Sreya Katabathuni

Primark: Ethical Fashion You Can Afford

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Northwestern chapter.

It’s finally May! Which means… 

Summer is just around the corner, and it’s time to update that warm weather wardrobe. Sadly, finding high quality clothing that is sustainable, ethically made and affordable is nearly impossible these days. But don’t give up hope just yet because I know a store that will change the game for your shopping experience: Primark! 

Primark seems too good to be true with its unbelievably low prices for trendy clothes. Here you will find clothing that is the same quality as American Eagle or Hollister but with a much more reasonable price tag. At Primark, you can get a great pair of jeans for $20, shoes for $15-$20 and cute tops for only $10 a piece! They also sell home decor, men’s apparel, beauty products, swimwear, accessories and more. Not to mention, the store has an AMAZING Disney-themed collection ranging from sneakers featuring our favorite alien Stitch to pajamas, sweatshirts and bags all sporting your favorite Disney characters. 

We often associate such bargain prices with unethical production but this couldn’t be farther from the truth for Primark! Unlike most fast-fashion companies, Primark values sustainability and ethical production just as much as affordability. They have partnered with many NGOs such as Solidaridad, CottonConnect, Made-By and The Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI). They are the first international retailer to have been granted a vegan certification. When it comes to the production of their clothing, Primark requires that every factory and supplier of their products commits to the internationally recognized standards. To achieve this, Primark’s Ethical Trade Environmental Sustainability Team audits each supplier before choosing to order from them and continues to audit suppliers at least once a year to ensure that their commitment to these standards continue to be met. All of this barely scratches the surface of the truly admirable work Primark has done in the fashion industry. To find more about how this company has contributed to sustainability, worker’s rights, various charities and more, check out their website here.

If you are a student in the Chicago area, I highly recommend that you check out the Primark located in downtown Chicago. If you don’t live near Chicago, that’s okay too! Primark has over 325 stores in 11 countries including locations in Boston, Burlington, Brooklyn and nine other cities in the United States. 

This store will not only provide you with trendy and affordable clothing; it will restore your faith in fast-fashion. 

Averi Muniz

Northwestern '24

Averi is a freshman at Northwestern University who is planning to double major in Legal Studies and Psychology. Her favorite things include music, cats, and all things Disney. When she's not writing for Her Campus, Averi sings with the Alice Millar Chapel Choir in Evanston, IL and enjoys long walks along Lake Michigan.