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Preparing for DM

Before we dance, we must prepare. 

Dance Marathon is a 30 hour time committment. And the fact that it’s right before Reading Week has some of us scrambling to get work done, and feeling like this:


There’s laundry to do! I have to make sure I have enough underwear and socks and T-shirts and pants and who KNOWS what else to last me the entire weekend!


Can’t forget to write that paper due on Monday! 

Oops! Forgot to pick up deodorant, extra socks, snacks and Advil….need to make sure to go to CVS and stock up. 

Also have to cram for that final midterm (because only Northwestern would have a class that has a midterm right before Finals.) 

Sleep. Self-explanatory. 

How am I supposed to do any of these things when I’m mentally and physically preparing myself for 30 hours of dancing?


No matter how busy your week is, just be sure to take a few deep breaths and get some rest. You’ll forget all about the craziness of the past week once you’re in the tent, dancing, and helping to #makelifebright!

Happy almost DM! 


Gifs courtesy of giphy.com. DM picture from northwestern.edu.

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