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My Top 5 Favorite Contestants on ‘The Bachelor’

Yes, I watch The Bachelor. And yes, sometimes I am ashamed to admit how much I enjoy curling up every week in my bed to indulge in the excessive drama and fake reality of this hit show. But I can’t help it – I don’t know if it’s my hopeless romantic roots, or just how fun it can be to mock how extra this show can be (glam-shaming? really?). Either way, this season is no exception to my Bachelor obsession, and in honor of the fact that I’ve managed to keep up with every episode thus far, here are my favorite contestants.

1. Seinne

Seinne seems to be somewhat of an underdog this season, and I can’t figure out why. Maybe because she’s just too good for Arie? Either way, even if she hasn’t fully captured Arie’s heart, she has definitely won over mine. And that’s not just because she graduated from Yale. I love how confident, intelligent and focused she is – I am always biased toward the women who stay far, far away from all the drama in the house.

2. Bekah M.

Bekah is currently the only contestant that I follow on Twitter, which is a pretty huge deal because I don’t social-media stalk everyone on the show. I know it seems to be shocking that Bekah is 14 years younger than Arie, but frankly, I could care less. She is considerably more mature than other contestants in the house, and her quirky spirit is incredibly endearing.

3. Chelsea

At first, I wasn’t Chelsea’s biggest fan – which was probably intentional, because The Bachelor producers set her up to be the potential villain of the season (thankfully she wasn’t, because I cannot stand Krystal and her annoying voice). But now (especially after the entire glam-shaming clip), Chelsea is one of my favorites. I appreciate that she is always willing to be open and honest with Arie, and the fact that she is a mother (and already ready to “settle down”) will make her a solid choice for Arie.

4. Kendall

It took me by surprise that I actually like Kendall, because, to be honest, taxidermy is not my thing. But she is funny, bold and so charismatic, all of which makes her entertaining to watch, and therefore probably attractive to Arie. I admire how adventurous she is, especially during the last group date. Her willingness to constantly put herself out there, while also being true to herself, makes her one of my favorites.

5. Ashley

The Bachelor has given Ashley basically no airtime, yet, for some reason, I really want her to stick around. I’m hoping that we are finally given the chance to know her more – there obviously must be something between her and Arie since she has lasted this long. Plus, she is involved in real estate  (just like practically every contestant this season), so she at least has that in common with Arie.

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