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My First Quarter as a Theatre Major at Northwestern

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Northwestern chapter.

Northwestern is known for having one of the best collegiate theatre programs in the country. The university boasts so many options for its theatre students, including the Musical Theatre Certificate, Acting for the Screen, Playwriting and Theatre Management. Northwestern’s beautiful Wirtz Center for the Performing Arts provides a space for the study and practice of theatre, dance, filmmaking and so much more. In addition, there are nine student theatre boards (dubbed STUCO for Student Theatre Coalition) that oversee the theatrical performances by students, for students, on campus. Northwestern is also home to the Waa-Mu Show and the Dolphin Show. On top of all that, there are A Cappella groups, dance troupes, improv groups and more that so many theatre majors want to be a part of. 

Clearly Northwestern students are busy. But I would argue that the theatre majors are even busier. With countless auditions, tech weeks, meetings, rehearsals, set builds, costumes to design and shows to see, these past few weeks have been CRAZY. Since I arrived on campus in September, there has been a STUCO performance every single weekend in Shanley Pavilion, where most STUCO performances take place. I have seen Godspell, Much Ado About Nothing and Islander, all in the matter of three weeks. What other university has so much theatre going on?! 

However, being involved in the theatre community at Northwestern has been a little bit stressful! I am currently in The Battlefields of Clara Barton, and the rehearsal process has been extremely fast paced and high stakes. My rehearsal schedule began in early October, and we rehearse about three hours each day, five nights a week, for four weeks (our show goes up the weekend of Halloween)! Even though the rehearsal process has been hectic, I have loved every minute of it! Despite the craziness of studying theatre, it has thus far been extremely rewarding. It is thrilling to constantly be performing and ready to audition and make bold choices at the drop of a hat. I am so excited to bring live theatre back to the stage again! 

Evelyn Mulchrone

Northwestern '25

Evelyn is a journalism major and theatre minor at Northwestern University from Chicago’s South Loop. She loves going out to restaurants, taking spin classes, reading novels and indulging in her sweet tooth. When she is not busy with schoolwork and HerCampus, you can find her going for a lakeside walk, performing in a musical, reading, or spending time de-stressing with her sorority sisters!