Mother's Day Gift Guide: 10 Ideas to Show Her How Much You Love Her

Mother's Day is right around the corner, and now more than ever is a time to express to your family members how important they are to you. We may be stuck inside, but that's no excuse to not celebrate one of the most important women in your life! Here's a gift guide full of cute and easy ideas to make your mom feel extra special this Mother's Day.

*Note* many retailers are experiencing delays in shipping due to COVID-19, so be sure to double check that any gifts bought online will arrive on time! To be as safe as possible, I also suggest disinfecting packages or waiting 24 hours before opening them.

  1. 1. Breakfast in Bed

    A silver lining to this entire situation is that many of us are home to celebrate Mother's Day with our families in person! If so, there's no better way to start off the day than letting your mom sleep in for once and waking her up with a classic breakfast in bed. Here's a great article with easy but special Mother's Day recipes that are sure to please.

    For extra brownie points, top everything off with cute Mother's Day printables that you can print at home for free.

  2. 2. A DIY Coffee Mug

    If you have any paint pens lying around the house, there are a million ways to get creative with a DIY coffee mug! This idea is so beautiful, but also feel free to write personal messages or relate your design to something you know your mom loves!

  3. 3. Pressed Flower Art

    What's even better than a bouquet of blooms? Pressed flower art that your mom can admire for years instead of days. Etsy has a ton of stunning pieces, or if you have any flowers growing in your backyard, you can make this beautiful gift even more special for your mom by creating it yourself

  4. 4. A Self-Care Spa Basket

    On top of moms always working the hardest, times have also been stressful lately, so help your mom relax this Mother's Day by throwing together a spa basket for her. Grab a basket and fill it with pamper-themed items, such as face masks, nail polish, fuzzy slippers and bath bombs. Finish everything off with some chocolate and champagne to really spoil her!

  5. 5. A Mom's Coupon Book

    This idea is great because you can throw it together in minutes, but it will make your mom feel so loved every time she uses it in the future! Include small IOUs that you know your mom would appreciate, such as vaccuming the house or spending time with her on a girls' coffee date. Just be sure to follow through! Either print out free printables or make your own personalized coupons at home.

  6. 6. These Gorgeous Coasters

    How stunning are these coasters?! Buy this exact set here, or search through all the beautiful handmade options on Etsy for different colors and shapes. If your mom enjoys home decor or entertaining, you can bet she'll love this Mother's Day gift!

  7. 7. Homemade Baked Goods

    If your mom has a sweet tooth, why not bake her a treat for Mother's Day? I love baking for others because not only is it fun to get creative with decorating (and to steal a bite or two of cookie dough), but the time and energy you spend will also make your gift even more thoughtful to recipients. Try out these recipes to treat your mom to something extra sweet. 

  8. 8. Anything from Jo Malone

    Jo Malone is a cult classic in the world of fragrance, and for very good reason. Everything about this London-based perfumery is gorgeous, from their beautiful signature scents down to their satin ribbon-adorned packaging. In addition to their online website, you can also find Jo Malone products at retailers such as Nordstrom, Sephora and Bloomingdale's. Choose from a variety of perfumes, candles, creams and bath products for the ultimate indulging gift. 

  9. 9. Anything from Anthropologie

    Anthropologie is my go-to place for gifts whenever I can't think of what to get someone! If you don't have a particular Mother's Day gift in mind, take a quick scroll through Anthropologie's Mother's Day page on their website for tons of great options. My personal favorite is the home decor selection, which is always curated with certain crowdpleasers. 

  10. 10. A Handwritten Card, a Hug and "I Love You"

    At the end of the day, the greatest gift to our moms isn't anything material, but rather knowing how much we love and cherish them. No matter what else you gift her, write her a heartfelt card that she can keep forever and take out to redread every once in a while. Top it off with a giant hug and an "I love you" and be rewarded with seeing her smile.