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Meet someone very involved with NUDM: Ross Gordon

Name: Ross Gordon

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Westport, Connecticut

Major: Journalism

Birthday: Jan. 26, 1993

How are you involved with Dance Marathon?

I am the philanthropy chair of ZBT so I am responsible for organizing the fundraising for all of ZBT with my co-chair.  We have two main initiatives; one is with a comprehensive letter solicitation campaign and the second is with weekend campaigns in nearby communities.


What is your favorite part of being involved with DM?

I like the stuff I’m doing for the PR committee and what I’m doing for ZBT.  Probably last year my favorite part during DM was when “I’m Gonna be (500 Miles)” came on by The Proclaimers.  A lot of guys in my fraternity and I and were kind of leading everyone through the song so it was really fun.


What is your position on the DM public relations committee?

I am the advertising sub committee head, so this year I created an advertising pitch for both Northwestern groups and businesses and companies who would possibly be interested in advertising for NUDM.  I reached out to them by getting ads through NUDM’s premiere magazine.


What are your hopes and goals for DM this year?

I’m hoping that a lot of first time dancers, especially those in ZBT, will be captivated by DM and continue on with it in the future, whether they are dancing, part of a committee, or being active fundraisers on campus.


How did you become involved with DM?

Last year I was inspired to do it.  I wasn’t originally signed up but when I joined ZBT there was a lot of excitement about it and I realized that it was something that I should do for myself as a nice culmination of all of my fundraising efforts.  I did it…it was great.


What are some of the themes that you are looking forward to?

Some of the themes I’m excited for this year are Bringing Down the House, because I’m a big fan of house music so that should be fun.  I’m interested in the Let’s Get Weird theme because I can’t wait for the outfits that people come up with, and I have the same sentiments for the Thrift Shop theme.


How do you feel about DM’s cause this year, the Danny Did Foundation, which aims to prevent deaths caused by seizures?

I have actually had the privilege of meeting the Stanton family a few times and they’re unbelievable.  I could not be prouder to have led my frat’s efforts for their cause and putting epilepsy on the stage.  It is an amazing foundation, it does great work, and I am excited for DM to play a big role in its future.


Are you going to continue being involved with NUDM?

Definitely. It has by far been the best thing I’ve done on campus so I’m definitely looking forward to fundraising for 2014.


Why did you decide to be the philanthropy chair of ZBT and on the PR committee for DM?

I think I first started to realize that the philanthropy chair was a position I was interested in a few weeks before DM last year.  After dancing last year, I knew DM was a cause that was worth putting a lot of my time into, and I wanted to be involved in the fraternity house and on a deeper level.  With my passions for philanthropy in general and leadership, I knew it would be a good way to develop myself as a person too.  I feel like I have grown a lot as a leader and as a human being by being the philanthropy chair.  With the PR committee, I was on it last year too, and it was a good job to have. 


What else have you done as the philanthropy chair of ZBT?

Last spring, my co-chair and I fundraised for the annual Fence-In fundraiser.  It raised money for the Leukemia Research Foundation. There was a brother back in the 90s who died of leukemia so every year we throw this event to fundraise in his honor to help fight leukemia.   We did some canning for that and had an event on our lawn, with a barbeque, some musical acts, and a dunk tank.  Also, this year, earlier in the fall, we had Theta-ZBT carnival where we raised money for Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), the Theta Foundation and the Leukemia Research Foundation.  We had a carnival on our front lawn with popcorn and face painting.


What else are you involved with on campus?

DM has really been my main focus this year.  I am also the managing editor of Northwestern Business Review; I made the fall newsletter.


Why should people get involved with DM?

I think people should be involved because there’s no better way to do something so selfless yet so rewarding throughout the year and have it culminate in unprecedented ways.

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