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Meet NU Burlesque Producer Michael Fleischer!

Name: Michael Fleischer

Year: Sophomore

Major: Theatre

Hometown: New York City

What is the NU Burlesque show? Is it new this year?

The NU Burlesque show is a performance piece that aims to establish an ethos of self-confidence and sexual awareness amongst the Northwestern community. This is its second year.

What made you want to be in charge?

After having an incredible experience as a performer last year, I knew I had to be involved with this show again. And when the Lipstick Theatre Board approached me about producing I immediately responded yes on the condition that I could also perform in the show as well.

Can you describe the preparation process that went into getting ready for the show?

One of the great things about the Burlesque show is that the rehearsal process is very easy-going. We meet once a week for two hours to show our individual routine progress as well as learn different skills from each of the directors: the art of the tease, body movements, stage presence, imrov burlesque, etc. By the time we are in tech week we have already established a community of fierce, sexy, and confident performers. Outside of rehearsals, routines meet with one of the directors (dependant upon the style of your routine, you are paired with a director in their specialty: Lauren Hamilton is any dance-centered piece, Alaura Hernandez is any classic burlesque piece, and Brendan Yukins is any Boy-lesque, sexual comedy, or avant garde piece). The directors meet with groups to help polish the routines and give feedback.

What has been the general reaction to the show so far?

People LOVE this show. It is quickly becoming a staple of Spring Quarter on campus. As a chance to show many people on this campus their first burlesque show, we find that after the first two routines the entire audience is so shocked by the things we do on the stage that they can’t help but go crazy and cheer as loud as possible. That’s another great thing about this show, being loud is encouraged. Only half of the show takes place on stage; the other half is all about audience reactions. The more the audience gives, the more the performers will give.

How would you describe your experience and involvement in the burlesque show overall?

Last year, when I saw the poster for auditions, I went because I thought it would be a fun venue for me to blow of some steam from an incredibly stressful winter quarter. I quickly realized how comfortable I was with my body, enough that I wanted to get fully nude on stage, and that this process helped carve out one of the highlights of my college career as of yet. The NU Burlesque show has helped me realize more about myself and my body than any amount of time at the gym ever could. I have grown to love myself for who I am, not what I want to be. For that I would like to thank: Brendan Yukins, Alaura Hernandez, Lauren Hamilton, the Lipstick Theatre Board, and everyone involved with this show. We strive to help people realize that they are beautiful the way they are and that nobody should tell them otherwise. This show has changed my life for the better, and I know it has done the same for many others as well.

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