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Meet Michele Moses!

Birthday – June 10, 1992
Hometown – New York City, NY
Major – Cognitive Science

HC: Tell me about your blog. What caused you to create it?

Matt McDonald and I decided to start a blog called “Wildcat Walk” because we wanted to express the diversity of personalities and abilities of students at this school by means of their dress. Once Matt came up with the name, I knew I couldn’t say no because I’m a sucker for puns. We haven’t updated it recently because we had a bit of crisis that Matt’s camera broke, but we are really hoping to restart it at some point.
HC: Tell me about your role in Challah for Hunger.
I am the newly appointed co-chair for the following year. It’s a really awesome organization. We bake every Wed. from 4-5 and Thursday from 4-6 and sell outside Kellogg from 11 till sellout. It’s an amazing national organization with Northwestern being one of them founded last year. We bake bread every week – half the proceeds from the sales go to Darfur and half go to the charity of our choosing: Soup at Six, the first soup kitchen in Evanston. It encompasses the Jewish ideals of tikkun olam, which literally translated means “fixing the world,” but at the same time, it’s an organization that is incredibly open to volunteers and buyers of all faiths, backgrounds, and cultures.
HC: You recently went on the service trip over spring break in Cuba. What was the highlight of that trip?
There were two highlights: one regarding my place at Northwestern and one regarding my place in the world. I signed up for a trip not knowing anyone going on it, and I got to develop relationships with people from all grades and social circles, who are still some of my closest friends at this school. That was really unique and exciting. In terms of my place in the world, Cuba is an incredibly vibrant and interesting culture, and it was somewhat tragic but also so enlivening to be exposed to the differences in what they have to what we have on a socioeconomic and personal level.
HC: Tell me about your new job next year as a Tour Guide.
I’m incredibly excited to be a Tour Guide. I went on over 20 tours when I was applying to colleges, and because I love this school and because I am comfortable expressing myself verbally, I really want to make the best of those things and show prospective students what a unique and incredible place this is. There were 407 applicants, and 45 were chosen. Another one is Matt McDonald, the former HerCampus Campus Cutie and my boyfriend.
HC: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
To be honest, I don’t know the details. I’m hopefully working for some awesome organization and learning how it works, so that someday I can open my own business. I’d also like to do Teach For America for a year after college. 

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