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Meet DM Special Events Co-Chairs, Jacob Greenberg and Connor Smith!

Dance Marathon is having its annual acapella show – aptly titled Acapalooza – this Friday, November 13th in Ryan Auditorium! Her Campus talked with Jacob Greenberg and Connor Smith, the co-chairs of the Special Events committee, about DM, the planning of Acapalooza, and Connor’s obsession with Adele.



Thanks for talking with us! What is your favorite part about doing DM?

J: When the song “Sandstorm” plays in the tent. Everyone goes wild!

C: Definitely getting to interact with the kids. Last year, my dancer team got to meet Ella Joy, one of the Starlight heroes, who was just a total ray of sunshine. My favorite memory was dancing with her and her brother for an entire block. Having the personal connection to the cause I think is the best thing that NUDM tries to create.


Why did you want to be on Exec, specifically Special Events?

J: I love interacting with the children we help. My sophomore year, I met Joseph, the namesake of past beneficiary Team Joseph, and really got to know him during the special events throughout the year. It helps you better understand why you work so hard to raise money. I want to keep the NU community engaged with NUDM all year long!

C: I wanted to join the NUDM executive board in order to continue pushing this organization towards making changes that would improve its presence as an actor for change on campus. Of course, part of it was simply that I had become very passionate and involved in NUDM throughout my time at Northwestern and I saw this opportunity as a great way to further that involvement, while sharing this experience with other people who are just as passionate as me. But I also wanted to take this opportunity to use my knowledge of the experiences that others have had with NUDM to help construct an NUDM 2016 that would be more inclusive and more focused on our incredible cause.I specifically wanted to join the exec board as a special events co-chair because this position focuses on promoting NUDM all year long. It really embodies the idea the NUDM is more than just 30 hours in a tent. I also saw special events as a great opportunity to increase the collaborative engagements of NUDM with other student groups. Instead of always creating new programming, Jacob and I really want to partner with other groups so that the spirit of NUDM can really be shared all over campus.


What are you most excited about for Acapalooza?

J: When else are you going to see 8 of your favorite NU acapella groups preform in one show? Every single one of their voices gives me chills! (The good kind)

C: While I am absolutely atrocious at singing – like there are embarrassing stories of how bad from high school musicals I was in – I get to see what real talent looks like (at Acapalooza). I guess I’m most excited to see what songs the groups will be singing. I’m really hoping someone sings “Hello”, because I’m the craziest Adele fan. Last year, Cameron MacArthur of Extreme Measures nearly melted my heart away with how amazing his solo was, so I’ll be on the lookout for a repeat performance.

J: I can second how “atrocious” Connor is at singing! Also second that Connor is biggest Adele fanboy ever! He’ll cry if a group performs “Hello”.


What’s one thing the audience can get pumped up over for Friday night?

J: Meeting the 2016 NUDM Emcees! They’re incredible and so excited to reveal themselves to the campus. Get hype!


Favorite acapella song?

J: Anything Justin Marquez (NUDM Community Engagement Co-Chair) sings!


Favorite dance move?

J: Can I pick two? I’d say my signature is the wobble, but recently I honestly feel like I’ve come to own the whip and nae nae. It’s not your grandma’s whip and nae nae, though. When people see me do it, they’re left speechless.

C: My favorite dance move is definitely the Bernie!

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