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Meet Delt Public and Alumni Relations Chair, Jacob Swan!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Northwestern chapter.

Name: Jacob SwanMajor: Mechanical EngineeringAge: 19

Tell us about your most recent Philanthropy event

Our most recent event was DTDonuts, and as PAR (Public and Alumni Relations) chair my main job was to help advertise and promote the event. The event actually was one of our most sucessful ever, and we raised over $1200 for our Relay for Life team! I definetly have to defer credit to our Philanthropy Chair, Carter Robinson, though as well as all of the people over at KD who helped us out. They were really the ones who made it such a success.

What was your favorite part about DTDonuts?

I loved the delivery aspect. I felt like it was something new and unique that hadn’t really been done, and it let the event reach a lot more people. 

What else are you inovled in on campus?

I’m an Assitant Editor for the Daily Northwestern, I’m on the Club Ultimate B Team, and I’m a member of Pura Playa, which is an organization dedicated to reducing plastic waste on campus and in the surrounding communities.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done as a member of Delt?

The coolest thing I’ve done in Delta Tau Dleta is probably going on a retreat with all of the brothers when I was pledging. I really got to know a lot more people, and it in general it was a great way to bond with everyone. Plus we had a snow football game, which was just too much fun.

Anything else?

Haha is this where I’m supposed to say I like long walks on the beach? I guess I would say that I’m a die-hard Seahawks fan, that if I wasn’t an engineer I’d be a film major, and that I love to cook!

Look out for Jacob and the rest of the Delt brothers in their next Philanthropy event, which is a Spring Blood Drive with Pi Beta Phi!